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Travel and transportation is a basic element of everyday life. For most travel, we don’t give it a second thought. But there are a wide range of risk associated with any travel, ranging from the risk of over-the-road travel and transportation, to risks associated with destinations that are unfamiliar to traveling parties. 
Students, staff and faculty often travel locally, ranging from voluntary participation in student activities to volunteer service to community organization to faculty-led field trips. More distance transportation can include car, van or bus travel, at time connected with academic programs.
Risk Management should be consulted with questions regarding travel practices, or when there are special needs such as outside contracts with bus or other transportation providers. 

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Domestic Travel Resources

Bus, Shuttle and Limo Providers

Many University events that are held off-campus are best serviced by the arrangement of qualified providers of transportation services. This can range from limousine to shuttle to bus transportation. These services are arranged under written contract, coordinated through the Risk Management and Legal Affairs offices. The Risk Management office has established certain minimum required levels of insurance, and specific conditions associated with written evidence or Certificates of Insurance. For more information and for a list of transportation services providers who have provided evidence of those limits, please read our requirements.

Carpooling Best Practices (PDF)

Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance (Info)  (Enroll)  (FAQ)

International Travel Resources

For international travel, those risks are compounded. Risk Management Services and the Chapman University Center for Global Education can often be of assistance. All persons traveling internationally in connection with University programs must register their international travel by way of the University’s International Travel Assistance and Assistance Enrollment Form. See that form and other resources below.

Female Travel in the Middle East & North Africa: Considerations & Resources (PDF)

Health & Safety Abroad - See information provided by the Chapman University Center for Global Education

International Travel Insurance and Assistance Enrollment Form https://web.chapman.edu/ace/

International Travel Insurance and Assistance Plan Description (Student) (Employee)

Overseas Traveler's Guide to ATM Skimmers & Fraud (PDF)

Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance (Info)  (Enroll)  (FAQ)

U.S. Consular Service or Embassy 

U.S. State Department 2018 Travel Advisory System (PDF)

Find the Consulate or Embassy of Your Country of Citizenship

Online Course: Short-Term International Programs 
To request enrollment in a 70-85 minute, single-module course for campus members involved in approving or running short-term international programs, email Risk@Chapman.edu.Topics include evaluating program proposals, preparing for departure, managing trips, evaluating programs and mitigating risks.