» Programs with Minor Participants

Requirements placed on administrators, faculty, staff, students, volunteers, and others working with minors, as mandated by law:

  • Registration of your program(s) on the Chapman University Registry of Programs Involving Minors.

    • New programs, as well as repeat programs, both on and off-campus, must be reported. 

    • Identify the various staff and volunteers who will be servicing the program.

  • All staff, students, and volunteers servicing the program must complete Protecting Minors from Sexual Misconduct Training, provided by Risk Management's Learning Management System - LearnUpon.

    • Register for this course by completing the online training request form

    • If you need to register more than 12 users, e-mail risk@chapman.edu with their full name and e-mail. Our office will enroll them in the training.  

  • Any programs that include one-on-one interactions with minors will require all staff, faculty, students, and volunteers in the program to be LiveScanned. 

    • If the individual has been LiveScanned within the last two years, they do not need to be LiveScanned again.  

    • If all minor interactions are group based, at minimum, the program leader present will be LiveScanned. 

  • Waivers will be required for all minor participants.

    • Our office will assist with creating the waiver for your program use. 

Risk Management Protocol for Programs Involving Minors

View the Chapman University Registry of Programs Involving Minors