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An important risk management tool for any University is the use of Waiver of Liability Agreements.  Chapman students, faculty and staff organize or are otherwise involved in a wide range of activities.  These range from low risk and routine to high risk and infrequent.  A low risk activity might be something like a job fair, lecture, or charity benefit on campus.  A high risk activity might be a swimming or diving event or International travel. Most activities fall in between those two extremes.  Activities and events sponsored by the University, including faculty-led field trips, make use of these Agreements for medium and high risk activities.

Chapman University has a prescribed format for Waiver of Liability Agreement.  In this document the Participant agrees that they have been informed of and understand the risks involved, agree to abide by any safety rules, and act in a non-negligent manner while participating in the activity described.  Hold harmless and indemnification provisions are included.     

We have transitioned to the use of an electronic format, known as our eWaiver. This will eliminate most of the recordkeeping in connection with signed Waiver Agreements and allow for improved consistency across the campus. We can provide staff and select students with access to this system after a brief training session.  Faculty members, using their Chapman University login are automatically recognized as authorized users and should be able to login without prior approval.

If you need guidance on how to construct your eWaiver, click on this link for eWaiver Sample Wording.  For more detailed instruction, please click on the link for the appropriate training document: eWaiver Training for Faculty Members or eWaiver Training for New Users.

If you have a last minute event, or have an event that requires non-Chapman University Community members to sign the waiver, you will still need to create an eWaiver.  But, you will find a link on the View Waivers page for your event that will create a custom blank waiver that can be used for that event. As soon as possible after the event, you will scan (in bulk) the signed hard copy forms and upload them to that record for the event.

Use this link to access the Online Waiver Administration System.  Use this link to access the current listing of active waiver forms that may be signed electronically.

For more information or to schedule training on the eWaiver system, please email  ActivityWaiver@chapman.edu or call (714) 516-5660.

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