» Computer Refresh Plan

The Chapman University IS&T Computer Refresh Plan provides university staff and faculty with basic technology resources. The IT Plan provides a reasonable refresh of technology so staff and faculty can support and educate the student population.

New Employee (existing positions) inherit the previous employee’s computer in that position.  The computer will be wiped and reimaged for the new incoming employee.

Student employee and temporary employee do not qualify for a new computer but qualify for a “recycled” computer as “recycled” computers become available.

Standard computer labs and public access computers will be virtualized and refreshed every seven (7) fiscal years with a thin client computer or (3) fiscal years for specialized computer labs and classrooms.  

+ - Overview and Timelines


Computer replacements occur twice a year, fall and spring semesters.  When computers become eligible for replacement, the department chair and department head will be contacted via email and directed to a form listing their options and which computers are due for refresh.  The email message notifying them of the replacement will contain a deadline for their reply.  If they do not respond by that time, replacement will be deferred until the next phase.

Once the new computer is ready for delivery, IS&T Desktop Services staff will contact faculty and staff directly to setup a mutually-convenient time to deliver the new equipment.  IS&T Desktop Services staff will transfer data from the old computer to the new one.

IS&T Standard Computer

IS&T has developed computer standards in order to keep support costs down. By using standard hardware, operating systems and applications, we can reduce the total cost of ownership, the time it takes to deploy a PC to a user/department, and the time it takes to fix and support issues.  Desktop systems will be encouraged, unless the job warrants frequent mobility.  Laptops will be issued if the job requires frequent mobility.

  • Desktop – Dell Optiplex (includes; Dell LCD if needed, keyboard, mouse)
  • Desktop – Apple iMac (includes; keyboard and mouse)
  • Laptop – Dell Latitude or Venue (if desired; includes a Dell LCD, docking station)
  • Laptop – Macbook Air 13in, or Macbook Pro 13in (if desired, includes a Dell LCD, docking station)

Laptop Eligibility

The department chair or the department head will determine who qualifies for a laptop, then the following will also need to adhere to;

  1. The IS&T department will pay for the laptop only
  2. The user/department will surrender the workstation
  3. The laptop will be placed into the IS&T Computer Refresh Plan instead of the desktop
  4. The user will utilize VPN when connecting to the campus to access email, PeopleSoft, or other university specific applications or data stores
  5. User will read and sign the Mobile Device Standard form

Tablet (iPad or Android)

Tablets may be purchased with IS&T approval and purchased with departmental funds and will not be refreshed with IS&T funds.

Emeritus Status

The IT Plan will not provide a computer refresh for a faculty member who has been granted Emeritus status. The department will be responsible for providing the Emeritus faculty member computer/technology resources.

Department Responsibilities

  • Theft Replacement (lost or stolen)
  • Tablet (iPad or Android) Device Replacement or Repair
  • 20 inch and larger size LCD
  • Additional LCD
  • Computer Accessories (i.e. adapters, external hard drives, speakers, webcam etc.)
  • Office Printers (non-network)
  • Standard Scanners
  • Secondary computers (not including student employee computers)
  • Notify IS&T of new positions created
  • Notify IS&T when faculty/staff leave the university/department

IT Plan Responsibilities:

  • New Hire Computer (brand new and existing positions)
  • Student Employee and Temporary Computer
  • Kiosk Systems
  • 19 inch LCD
  • Doc station
  • Network Printers
  • Scanners (Admission and FTV only)
  • Plotters

Exceptions to the Standard

Exceptions to the standard can be reviewed under the following conditions:

  1. An application’s requirement – not suggested requirements – the increase in computing power or special hardware requirements
  2. An application is unique to the department/program and requires special hardware
  3. Chancellor or Senior Administration is willing to authorize the need


If the requirements are fulfilled, the following will be applied

  1. CIO or Desktop Services Manger sign off is required
  2. The department will pay for the difference in cost from a standard PC desktop cost
  3. When it is time to refresh the device, if it is still required, the department will continue to pay for the difference from the current PC desktop cost
  4. The department will need to accept that support may be limited on the device and may not receive the full extent of support offered by the IS&T department

Computer equipment that has not gone through this process will not be supported or be allowed to connect to the Chapman University network.

This policy applies to all computers no matter if they were purchased with departmental funds, discretionary funds, grant money or a donation.

Employees are not allowed to use personal funding to buy computers or accessories. These devices will not be supported or connected to University owned equipment or network.

+ - Employee Purchasing Hardware

Chapman University employees may benefit from educational pricing. Hardware purchased by employees using personal funds cannot be supported at Chapman University. Employee-purchased hardware or peripherals will not be supported by IS&T and will be subject to removal from Chapman University owned equipment. Employee purchases will be done per the manufacture’s or vendors guidelines. Hardware purchases made through the Chapman University purchasing department will be subject to the purchasing department guidelines, policies and procedures.

Employees may be liable for damage and/or support costs incurred by employee’s own hardware or peripherals installed on Chapman University owned equipment.

+ - Software

Software License Agreements

Chapman University is responsible for upholding and abiding by software license agreements. It is the responsibility of every Chapman University employee to make sure they understand and do not violate software license agreements. Chapman University employees may be held personally liable for software violations.

If there are questions about license agreements, it is the responsibility of the Chapman University employee to contact the IS&T department and Legal Affairs to get a better understanding of the agreement.

Software Purchases

All software purchases need to be approved by the Chapman University IS&T department.

Software purchased without IS&T approval may not be supported and may be subject to removal from Chapman University owned computers.

All software purchases must be made through Chapman University’s purchasing department.

Installing Approved Software

All software installs should be done by IS&T and should be processed by a service desk ticket.

If support is needed for software not installed or approved by IS&T, the software may need to be reinstalled. During this process settings and data may be lost. IS&T is not responsible for settings or data lost during a reinstall of non-approved or user installed software.

Installing Software on Computers not Owned by the University

Chapman University IS&T department has the responsibility to abide by the license agreements with software manufactures and to protect Chapman University sensitive data.

Most license agreements do not allow for the installation of University owned software to be installed on computers not owned by the University.

Software cannot be installed on computers that are not owned by the University unless the follow three conditions are fulfilled:

  1. The software manufactures license agreement allows the install
  2. Sensitive data will not be compromised by the install
  3. CIO has approved

Only when all three conditions have been fulfilled, will the software be installed.

The install will also be required to be logged with the service desk in the form of a ticket or work order.

Software Use

Chapman University employees may only use software installed on Chapman owed computers for the intended purpose of the software. Software may not be reverse coded, hacked, or modified in any way that will violate the license agreement.

Software shall not be used to violate copyright laws, criminal, or unethical activities. Employee may be held personally responsible for these activities.

Copying Software

Software is not to be copied for the purpose of distributing the software beyond the number of purchased licenses.

Backup copies can only be made if the license agreement allows for it.

Archive copies of software can only be done if the license agreement allows for it. The archive copy will be stored on Chapman University owned storage equipment.