» Computer Refresh Plan

The Chapman University IS&T Computer Refresh Plan provides university staff and faculty with basic technology resources. The IT Plan provides a reasonable refresh of technology so staff and faculty can support and educate the student population.

IS&T will provide (one) computer to every full-time staff and full time faculty member. Once every five (5) fiscal years the standard computer will be replaced with a new standard computer.  IS&T will attempt to refresh approximately the same number of staff and faculty computers each year.

New Employees (existing positions) inherit the previous employee’s computer in that position.  The computer will be wiped and reimaged for the new incoming employee.

Student employees and temporary employees do not qualify for a new computer but qualify for a “recycled” computer as “recycled” computers become available.

Standard computer labs and public access computers will be virtualized and refreshed every seven (7) fiscal years with a thin client computer or (3) fiscal years for specialized computer labs and classrooms.  

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