» Email Usage Guidelines

  1. Chapman group addresses should not be used for any purposes other than Chapman related business.
  2. Whenever possible, information should be transmitted in the bodies of email messages rather than as attachments.  Attachments take up more room on the server, take longer to transmit, have the potential to transmit viruses, and can be inconvenient for users who do not have the necessary software on their computers.  You should send information as an attachment only when the formatting for the document is essential to the content of the document.  Even in this case it is preferable to post the formatted document on the web site and send an email message with a link to the document.
  3. Use a minimal amount of formatting in your email messages.  Do not use background images or colors because they may interfere with the ability of some recipients to read your message.
  4. For messages sent to group addresses, users should be careful about using the "Reply to All" option instead of replying only to the individual who sent the message.
  5. When replying to a message, it may be appropriate to include parts of the original message in your reply but it is inappropriate to include parts of the original message that are not relevant to your reply