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Technology Support and Advisement for Research

Combining services from IS&T, the Leatherby Libraries, IS&T Educational Technology, and the Office of Research, IS&T Research Technology Support offers advisement, implementation, and support services for all Chapman University research-related activities.

Tools, services, policies, support and documentation are available through the page navigation to the left, organized by topic area.

Need help, or unsure of where to go for support?

Please send an email to researchcomputing@chapman.edu for assistance with your research technology request.

Keck Cluster News

The next scheduled downtime for the Keck Research Cluster will be in early November. Announcements will be made as soon as dates are finalized.

SLURM scheduler update: Jobs submitted to the Keck Cluster now default to 48-hour runtime limits. Extended runtime limits can be requested per job with the srun/sbatch parameter --time. Maximum requestable runtimes differ by SLURM queue/partition.

Contact researchcomputing@chapman.edu for further information.