» Types of Outlook Calendars

Resource Calendars are specifically for Room Scheduling: Resource Calendars are used for reserving bookable spaces such as meeting/conference rooms and study spaces across campus buildings. The Resources Calendar allows designated team members to approve or deny a request for the bookable space. This feature is helpful for department-specific spaces or rooms. Alternatively, the Resource Calendar can be set up to auto-accept meetings, in the event no team member will be monitoring the reservations. Additionally, staff and faculty can be granted permission to modify bookings to the resource calendar as appropriate for the department.  

The Room and Resource Calendar can be easily found in the Global Address Book within the Room and Resources drop-down option. The Room and Resource will also appear in your Outlook Scheduling Assistant when setting up meetings in conference/collaboration rooms. 

If interested, please visit our Room Scheduling Panel resource page to fill out our survey to request. 

Shared Calendar 

Shared Calendars are created for a group of members in a department used for sharing information of various ongoing departmental events, sharing group availability such as vacation days and requested time off, amongst other things, but typically not shared outside of the department. To request a Shared Calendar, please contact our Service Desk, servicedesk@chapman.edu, and include a list of the users with the type of permission the user will require for the Shared Calendar.     

Permission Types




The Owner role gives full control of the folder. An Owner can create, modify, delete, and read folder items; create subfolders; and change permissions on the folder.
Editor The Editor role has all rights granted to a Publishing Editor, except the right to create subfolders. An Editor can create, modify, delete, and read folder items.  
Reviewer A Reviewer can read folder items but nothing else. 
None No access to the calendar.