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There are several computer classrooms, one general use computer lab, and several public access computers throughout campus and in the residence halls. All of the computer classrooms (*except for LLB12 – Mac Lab) are available to students when classes are not scheduled or reserved. 

*LLB12 is available during normal Library business hours only.

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Lab Hours

The Leatherby Library Computer Labs are open the same hours as the Leatherby Library and will close 30 minutes before the library closes.

Lab Policies

Please follow these simple rules while in the labs as a courtesy to others and to provide a quality computing and study environment:

• No food or drink in the labs (water bottles only are acceptable if they have a cap and are kept off the desks. No other beverage containers with or without lids are permitted).
• No loud conversation or disruptive activities
• No cell phone use

Anyone violating these policies will be asked to leave the lab. Refusal to comply with Service Desk staff will result in revocation of computing privileges.