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The SLURM Job Scheduler

Because the Keck Cluster is a shared resource, a job scheduler is used to provide fair access to all cluster users.

  • The scheduler used on the Keck Cluster is SLURM.

  • Users on the cluster submit requests for resources to the cluster scheduler

  • If the scheduler finds a block of resources large enough to satisfy the user’s request, it allocates those resources to the user immediately

  • If there aren’t enough resources free when the request is submitted, the user’s submission is placed in the queue specified in the user’s request

  • On the Keck Cluster, SLURM is configured to use a history-aware weighted-fair-queuing algorithm to decide which queued requests to run first

  • SLURM can be used to request interactive sessions or to submit batch jobs

Documentation Links

SLURM Scheduler Quick Start Guide

SLURM Scheduler Video Tutorials

  •  There are many additional resources on the web for learning SLURM concepts and the syntax of SLURM job-submission scripts:

Here is one to start with (in English, from CÉCI, a national consortium of HPC centers in Belgium):
Slurm Quick Start Tutorial

  • Official documentation for the version of SLURM currently in use on the Keck Cluster:

  • Documentation specifically for the SLURM sbatch utility and job-script syntax:

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