» Shure Setup Instructions for iPhone/iPads

Shure MV88

  1. Download the ShurePlus Motiv app.
  2. Plug in the microphone.
  3. There are three buttons at the bottom of the screen:
    1. Controller Button: To control the microphone function, gain, compressor, limiter, etc.
    2. Record Button: To record, pause, stop, and save.
    3. Audio Wave Button: To access, convert, and share/save your audio files to another location.
  4. Press the “red” button to record and the pause button to pause/stop.
  5. Press the “check mark” to save the file. The file will save in the ShureMotiv app by default.

Tips to use Shure Motive App

  1. There is a meter showing your level of volume at the top. When it is green it is picking up your voice. If it is red you are too loud.
  2. Speech Bubble: Is for speaking
  3. Speech Bubble with the music notes: Is for singing.
  4. Flat Line: is unprocessed and no compression.
  5. Acoustic Guitar bubble: Quieter performances.
  6. Loud speaker Bubble: for Live concerts.
  7. Mic Gain slider: Adjust the microphone input gain.
  8. Stereo width: adjusts the stereo width. You can swipe to switch to different polar patterns depending on your need.
  9. There are several other buttons such as the limiter, compressor, wind reduction, and equalizer that you can mess around with depending on where you are recording and interference.
  10. For podcasts the best setting to use it he mono cardioid polar pattern.
  11. For Interviews: the best setting to use is the mono bi-directional polar pattern.