» Equipment Check-Out

When checking out the equipment, users will be asked to provide a valid Chapman ID card, phone number, and complete and sign a checkout form indicating the date and time of checkout and return. If you have reserved equipment and do not pick it up by the originally scheduled time, the equipment will become available for other users on an as-needed basis.

Late fees will be incurred if the equipment is not returned on time.  If you are unable to return the equipment on the due date and time, immediately contact our Service Desk 714-997-6600.

User Responsibilities

  • The person who checks out the equipment is responsible for all of the equipment [including the manual]. The equipment is inspected when returned.
  • The fine for late equipment is $10.00 per day with a potential loss of equipment loan privileges. If you need an extension, come in or call us at 714-997-6600.
  • Loss or damage to the equipment (including cables) during checkout is the financial responsibility of the person whose name is listed at checked out.


Podcast Kit Check-Out Instructions