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Poll Everywhere is a real-time polling assessment, clicker-free, student response system.

Polls can presented through www.polleverywhere.com, Google Slides, PowerPoint, or Keynote.

Users can respond by visiting www.pollev.com, text messaging or through Poll Everywhere’s mobile app (IOS and Android).

Available To:

Chapman University faculty and staff only, on any device.

Getting Started

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Download the App

Use the below apps to embed polls into your slides for your own personal device.

To have the apps installed on your Chapman-owned device please contact servicedesk@chapman.edu. Podium computers already have the apps installed. If a personal device, install the app yourself directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional information you may find useful.


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Types of Polls

  • Multiple-choice polls: The student chooses from the response options you provide. Multiple choice polls accept both text message responses and web responses. Visual display: Bar chart, Column chart, and Donut chart.
  • Open-ended questions: The student responds freely, with anything they wish. Open-ended responses can be displayed three ways: a ticker, text wall, or cluster. You can use Moderation to manage responses before they are shown publicly. This activity allows both text message responses and web responses.
  • Q&A: The student submits ideas or questions. Then they can anonymously upvote or downvote all other responses, so the best rise to the top quickly. This activity only allows web responses.
  • Rank order: Students rank the response options you provide. The results will then show as an overall rank of the on a bar or column graph. This activity only allows web responses.
  • Clickable images: The student clicks anywhere on an image to vote. You can even specify regions to count clicks in specific areas. This activity only allows web responses.

Survey: Give your survey a title, and add a series of activities. Surveys allow you to ask your students multiple questions at once. Everyone can answer the questions privately at their own pace. Surveys are great for quizzes, pre- and post-training assessments, and questionnaires.



You can approve or reject responses to open-ended polls before they appear live on-screen. This can save quite a bit of embarrassment if you have a few pranksters in the audience.

To enable the Moderation feature, scroll to the section below your poll at the bottom left and check the box next to Moderator.

Once enabled, you can click Hide to reject a response and hide it from the chart. You can select Show and the response will display on the Live Text Wall or Word Cloud. Nothing will display on the chart unless you choose to Show it.

If you are presenting from a single screen (e.g., on a single laptop with no switcher) you or a teammate can log in from a second computer to moderate responses, or you can approve responses on your smartphone or web-enabled device using the Mobile Presenter app for iOS and Android. The approved responses show up on the poll you are presenting.


Ways to Respond

There are multiple ways users can respond to polls:

  • SMS text message
  • Web responses via the presenter’s custom PollEv.com polling page
  • Web responses via private link
  • Via mobile app (IOS and Android)


Grading works on both multiple choice and clickable image polls.

The downloadable report grades all the responses to the poll and provides a ranking of your participants based on the number of correct responses and the average response time. Instructors can even download grades to the Blackboard Grade Center.

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License Type:

Chapman University has a site license

Operating Systems Supported:

Windows and Mac, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices