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Chapman University has a university-wide subscription with Qualtrics, an online survey software. Accessible to Chapman University faculty, staff, and administrators for academic, administrative, and research-related purposes is a sophisticated tool that is easy to use for creating and deploying surveys and analyzing survey responses.

Key features include but are not limited to survey builder, skip logic, an automated summary of survey progress/response rate, language translation tools, collaboration, centralized management of survey communications, reporting tools, and exporting capabilities—including CSV, XML, SPSS, etc.

Who Can Use Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is restricted to university-related work. Using Qualtrics for third-party, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations are not allowed, nor is personal use not related to the University. Users may not use Qualtrics for personal or commercial gain.

Chapman University may access and control ALL data submitted and generated by Qualtrics users within Chapman University Qualtrics subscription.

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Getting An Account

You must have an active Chapman University email address to be able to log into Chapman University's Qualtrics site.

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Accessibility Checker for Your Survey

Qualtrics has a tool that checks to see if your survey is accessible (508 Compliant); being accessible means that people using various assistive devices and not necessarily a standard web browser can still participate in your survey. The accessibility checker tool will scan your survey, highlight issues it finds, and suggest the corrections you can make to resolve them. When creating a survey, it is suggested that you always use this tool to make your survey as accessible as possible.

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Administering Campus-Wide Surveys

Chapman has in place survey guidelines that need to be followed if online surveys involve Chapman University students, faculty, and staff.

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Publishing a Survey for Course Projects

Undergraduate students doing a project with a faculty member as part of a course, need to follow the steps below:

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Getting Support

Qualtrics offers technical support. Please, see the information provided below.

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Need Training?

New users should consult the various resources provided by Qualtrics to learn how to create, edit and administer surveys. Qualtrics also provides free instructional tutorials and webinars. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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