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Printing for Students

» Printing for Students

We have several printing options and printers located in many of our labs and public access areas for students. Students can either print from:

  • one of our University-owned public access lab computers, or
  • directly from their own laptop wirelessly

Students are given initial FREE print credits at the start of each semester. If a student exceeds their print credits, printing charges will automatically deduct from their declining balance. Refer to our Printing Policy for further details.

Please review the Pharos and WEPA printing options below:

Pharos Print - Wireless Printing

Pharos Mobile Print allows any currently enrolled Chapman Student with mobile printing capabilities from any email-enabled device. Pharos Mobile Print is able to print both standard black-and-white one-sided pages and black-and-white two-sided (duplex) and can support multiple documents per email.

Things to Know

  • Your document will be available to print for up to 1 hour at any MobilePrint release station.
  • The pages will be deducted from your free print credits or declining balance. Be sure you have a positive balance.
  • Wireless color printing is available in the Leatherby Library Rotunda.
  • Print charges will be applied once you release your print job from one of the Chapman MobilePrint Release (touchscreen) Stations.
  • For additional information on printing, please refer to our Printing Policy.

Students have a couple of options for printing on campus.

  • Scan printer QR Code
  • Download the Pharos Mobile Print App.

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WEPA Printing (WEPA Printing Bucks)

WEPA empowers the students to use an app (Android or iOS) or their Mac or Windows devices to start their printing process. Students can easily upload their documents to WEPA using any internet service provider. They can then go to the nearest WEPA station and complete their process. WEPA supports several types of documents, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, and more.

WEPA accounts are available to all students and will be charged per page. All users will have a starting balance of $20 during the Fall 2023 pilot (only). You only pay if the document is printed. There are three ways that students can pay for their documents through WEPA: With a WEPA account, a debit or credit card, or with their Chapman ID card.

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