» Printing for Students

We have several printers located in many of our labs and public access areas for students.  Students can either print from:

  • one of our University-owned public access lab computers, or
  • directly from their own laptop wirelessly

Students are given an initial FREE print credits at the start of each semester. If a student exceeds their print credits, printing charges will automatically deduct from their declining balance.  Please refer to our Printing Policy for further details.

Print Credit Chart
Student Level $12.50
(Fall,Spring semester/trimester)
(Interterm, Summer semester)
(Fall,Spring,Summer semester/trimester)
Unlimited (All semesters)
Undergraduate checkmark checkmark    
Graduate     checkmark  
Rinker Health Science     checkmark  
Post-Baccalaureate   checkmark    
Law School       checkmark

Undergraduates for Fall and Spring semester/trimester recieve $12.50 print credits.
Undergraduates for Interterm and Summer semester received $5.00 print credits.

Graduates and Rinker Health Science students for Fall, Spring, and Summer semester/trimester receive $35.00 print credits.

Law School student for ALL semesters receive unlimited printing.

Printing Policy

Why does Chapman charge students for printing? Learn more