» Printing for Students

We have several printers located in many of our labs and public access areas for students.  Students can either print from:

  • one of our University-owned public access lab computers, or
  • directly from their own laptop wirelessly

Students are given an initial FREE print credits at the start of each semester. If a student exceeds their print credits, printing charges will automatically deduct from their declining balance.  Please refer to our Printing Policy for further details.

Print Credit Chart
Student Level $12.50
(Fall,Spring semester/trimester)
(Interterm, Summer semester)
(Fall,Spring,Summer semester/trimester)
Unlimited (All semesters)
Undergraduate checkmark checkmark    
Graduate     checkmark  
Rinker Health Science     checkmark  
Post-Baccalaureate   checkmark    
Law School       checkmark

Undergraduates for Fall and Spring semester/trimester recieve $12.50 print credits.
Undergraduates for Interterm and Summer semester received $5.00 print credits.

Graduates and Rinker Health Science students for Fall, Spring, and Summer semester/trimester receive $35.00 print credits.

Law School student for ALL semesters receive unlimited printing.

Service Desk Support

Service Desk phone support number: (714) 997-6600

Email: servicedesk@chapman.edu

Walk-up location: The service desk and Computer Lab support for students is located on the 1st floor of the Leatherby Library and in the Panther Digital Den (AF302).

Printing Policy

Why does Chapman charge students for printing? Learn more