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Important Changes to Dropbox and Google Storage

Information Systems & Technology (IS&T) recently announced new storage limits for Google Drive and the end of the availability of Dropbox in June 2024. 

Important note for staff and faculty:

Individual Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive accounts are disabled upon your separation from the University (faculty and staff only). It is important to place college or departmental data in centralized storage locations (typically based on SharePoint or Teams).

We have started the initial data migration from Dropbox to OneDrive, and we are aiming to complete the process during the week of March 18th, 2024 (spring break). Our team will oversee the migration process to ensure all your files and documents are transferred accurately without compromising data integrity or security.

  • During the migration, you'll have access to your data in both Dropbox and OneDrive. We'll ask you to minimize edits in Dropbox during this time. For a brief period, you will see the same files on both platforms.
  • Once the migration is complete, you'll discover all your Dropbox content organized in a dedicated folder named "From_Dropbox" within your OneDrive account.
  • Please scroll down to the Frequently Asked Questions section to learn more.

If you wish to migrate data from Google, please use the following method:

  • The easiest way to copy data between the platforms is to install the Google Drive and OneDrive applications simultaneously on your computer. Then, move the folders and files into your OneDrive account. It may take a while to fully synchronize your data following the move.
    • Useful when dealing with smaller amounts of data (less than 50 GB). This Does not work for Google Sheets or Docs, as these are proprietary to Google and must be converted.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do I find the migrated content in OneDrive?

Once the migration is complete, you'll discover all your Dropbox content organized in a dedicated folder named "From_Dropbox" within your OneDrive directory. Please keep in mind that you'll be able to log in to OneDrive using your Chapman University email and password to access this folder.

The "From_Dropbox" folder in OneDrive will serve as the new home for all your previously stored documents, files, and folders from Dropbox. It will also preserve the sharing settings for Chapman recipients, ensuring that your files and folders are shared with the same individuals as they were in Dropbox.

After the data is migrated, any data you have shared will become unshared, except for folks outside of the organization. It is imperative to remember that post-migration, you should edit your documents in OneDrive since Dropbox will be inactive.

You will also discover folders shared with you by others from Dropbox, organized under 'Shared' in a tab labeled 'With You.'

Please note that any data that individuals outside Chapman University have shared with you in Dropbox (not owned by you) will remain in Dropbox.

New to OneDrive or SharePoint?

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