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Important Changes to Dropbox and Google Storage

Information Systems & Technology (IS&T) recently announced new storage limits for Google Drive and the end of the availability of Dropbox in June 2024.

Important note for staff and faculty: 

Individual Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive accounts are disabled upon your separation from the University (faculty and staff only). It is important to place college or departmental data in centralized storage locations (typically based on SharePoint or Teams). Please use option #3 if you have significant amounts of data that meets this requirement. 

Students, faculty, and staff who wish to migrate data themselves from Google and/or Dropbox may use one of the following methods:

1- Manually copy documents between platforms.

Useful when dealing with smaller amounts of data (less than 50 GB). Does not work for Google Sheets or Docs, as these are proprietary to Google and must be converted.

The easiest way to copy data between the platforms is to install the Google Drive and OneDrive applications simultaneously on your computer. Then, move the folders and files into your OneDrive account. It may take a while to fully synchronize your data following the move.

2- Use the Mover.io self-service migration tool

The migration tool allows you to connect your Google and Dropbox accounts to your OneDrive account and migrate all of the data. Google Docs and Sheets will automatically be converted to Word and Excel files. See below for a procedure on how to use this tool.

NOTE: This option only migrates folders that you own. If another person owns a Google or Dropbox folder, it will not be copied. You can either manually move/copy the data per option #1, or ask the owner to perform the migration. Click on the following to determine folder ownership in Google and Dropbox.

3- Submit a request for IS&T assistance

Choose this option if you are attempting to move multiple people simultaneously (e.g., an entire college or department), if your data is complex, or have technical challenges with the other options. 

Using Mover.io to Migrate Content

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Mover.io Data Transfer Steps

Review the important notes below before starting the data transfer:

  • If you are transferring files from Google, as part of the migration process, Google native files will be converted to a compatible file format in the destination location. Nevertheless, some of Google's content may not be transferable to other cloud platforms. For instance, Google Jamboard files cannot be transformed or exported to an alternative format like PDF. If you encounter such cases, you must manually replicate the content in its equivalent format in the destination platform. 
  • Ensure you are using the appropriate tool by clicking on the link provided in step one before commencing with the process described below. Mover.io offers several tools on its website, but not all of them support migration to Chapman University Microsoft 365 accounts. 
  • If any of the steps time out, please repeat the previous step before continuing.
  • This guide will show you how to migrate your content from Google Drive to Microsoft OneDrive. You can repeat the steps below to transfer files from Dropbox.

Click here to see the steps for using Mover.io

Frequently Asked Questions

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