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General Questions

  • What is Concur? What can I do in Concur?
    Concur is a Travel & Expense Management System that allows you to create/process Travel Requests, make on-line travel arrangements with the CHAPMAN UNIVERSITY contracted travel agency, and create Expense Reports to seek reimbursement expenses incurred on behalf of the University.
  • What is Concur Detect?
    Concur Detect is a behind-the-scenes tool that uses machine learning technology to evaluate 100% of Concur transactions for errors and policy compliance.  This allows our reviewers to focus their effort on those transactions most likely to contain an error.  Flagged items are always reviewed by Financial Services staff to determine compliance with fiscal policy.
  • Is Concur replacing PeopleSoft Travel & Expense?
    Yes!  Concur is replacing the PeopleSoft Travel & Expense module
  • How do I get user access for Concur?
    All active employees will automatically be setup as a user in Concur. 

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Expense Report Questions

  • Can Delegates create and submit the Expense Reports in workflow?
    Delegates may create Expense Reports but cannot submit them in workflow for employee travelers.  Concur requires employee travelers to review and submit their own Expense Reports into workflow. 
  • How can I add another approver for Expense Reports?
    Once Expense Reports are in workflow, a user can click on the “Approve & Forward” button and enter an additional workflow approver.  After the user approves the Expense Report, it will be sent immediately to the additional approver.  After the additional approver approves, the Expense Report will be sent to next workflow approver.
  • Are receipt photos accepted as a backup document?
    Yes, receipt photos are accepted as a backup document for Expense Reports as long as they are legible.
  • Do I need to upload a copy of a mapping service website (e.g., Mapquest) to Expense Reports for mileage reimbursements?
    Concur has a built-in Mileage Calculator (Google Maps) which calculates the mileage based on addresses entered.  Click on the “Mileage Calculator” icon and compute the mileage so you do not have to upload print-outs from other mapping service websites.
  • Requesting a Student Worker Setup in Concur
    Manager must provide the following information and create a service desk ticket. Students are only allowed delegate entry:
    • Student First Name
    • Student Last Name
    • Student ID
    • Student email (must be a @chapman.edu email address)
    • Employment End Date (please specify end of semester date or end of school year date)
    • Supervisor Name
    • Supervisor ID
    • default chartfield info (where student salary is budgeted)
    • Fund
    • Dept
    • Program
    • Project
    • Oper Unit



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Delegate vs. Travel Arranger

  • What is the difference between a Delegate and Travel Arranger?
    Delegates create or approve Travel Requests and Expense Reports for travelers.  Travel Arrangers handle travel arrangements for travelers. 
  • Can the Delegate and Travel Arranger be the same person?
    Yes.  Be sure to setup the person as both a “Travel Arranger” (in the traveler profile) and as a “Delegate” (in the Concur Request/Expense profile).
  • Who are Corporate Travel Planners (CTP)?
    Corporate Travel Planners is the Chapman University-contracted travel agency that supports booked travel made through Concur.  CTP can also make group travel arrangements and book international or complex travel over the phone.  However, Chapman University departments are not required to use them.