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The Technology Project Management team is committed to delivering customer service excellence. If you are thinking about starting a project, we're here to help you get that process started. Please note that the focus of our Software Acquisition Process is on software used by a large segment of Chapman Community end users. Software subscriptions for individual use are not subject to a significant approval process, it is still necessary to consult with our team on security with any software.

Before your start a request, please review the information below:

Software Acquisition Process & Policy

Software adopted by Chapman, including cloud or hosted solutions, must be reviewed by IS&T for the following three criteria:

  1. Accessibility
    Typically the vendor will be asked to provide a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT), and use some of our tools to review the software from an accessibility perspective.
  2. Security
    Generally, we will review what data is being gathered by the new system and how it's protected. Please note that the Infosec review process can take up to 10 business days from the date the Software and Application Review is received by IS&T. If necessary, we will ask the vendor to provide a security plan for protecting any sensitive data. We’ll also ensure that the software can work with our single sign on system.
  3. Compatibility with current systems and data
    Often, new systems will need to integrate with some of our current systems, or may want a data feed from one of our systems, and it would be helpful to understand what those needs are.

    When you have selected a software solution and send the agreement forward to Legal Services for signature, Legal Services will ask IS&T to review the software. However, we want to make this an easier and more efficient process for you, so if you are thinking about software, let us help! We’ll assist you with the research and will help find you the best solution for your needs, while simultaneously reviewing the software as required, so that when you bring it forward to Legal Affairs for review, IS&T will already have signed off on it from this perspective. So the earlier we get engaged, the better.

Have Questions?

Please contact Richard Jenkins at rjenkins@chapman.edu