» ProofPoint TAP

Cyber attackers are always on the hunt for ways to gain access to sensitive data.  They employ a number of techniques such as hyperlinks in emails, hacking email accounts, and creating websites designs that trick users into providing personal account information.

IS&T is using a new feature that will automatically provide extra protection on the email links you receive in your email.  It works by changing the hyperlink to point to our security provider, ProofPoint.  When you click on the link, ProofPoint quickly verifies whether the site is known to be malicious, and if not, sends you to the final destination.

(Please note that some malicious websites may be too new to appear in the security database.  Therefore, you should continue to use caution when clicking on links found in emails.   Protected link will begin with https://urldefense.proofpoint.com.)

Here is how it works:

  1. TAP will scan all incoming emails for malicious data
  2. TAP will re-write incoming attachments and hyperlinks URLs into Proofpoint URLs
    • This will not affect anything on the user's end for accessing the content sent to them.
  3. The new URLs will allows Proofpoint to validate the destinations of the sent hyperlinks or attachments against a database of malicious sites, which is continuously being updated.
    • Once cleared, and the destination site is deemed safe, the attachment or hyperlink will be available to the user and will function normally
    • If deemed a threat, then the destination site will be blocked by Proofpoint.
      • For those who click on a blocked link, they will be directed to the following message:
        screenshot of error message from proofpoint

       4. Once a URL is rewritten, it will remain safe even if you forward it on to another recipient not using Proofpoint Email Security

We understand that you may have many questions and concerns and we're always open for your feedback.  If you would like more information or would like to provide your feedback, please email infosec@chapman.edu.