» Projects and Services

  • Information Security Policies and Standards
  • Training and Awareness (includes guest lecturing) - Our expertise is available to provide training and awareness for the growing threat landscape.  We can provide training on policy, acceptable computer use, malware prevention, best practices, identifying spam and phishing attempts, and the protection of sensitive data.  This training can also help participants to be informed and better protected while using personal (non-Chapman owned) computers.
  • Data Disposal (disks, PCs, mobile devices, etc.) - The Department of Information Security can properly dispose of data.  Drop off or schedule a pickup of devices, and we will ensure that the data is wiped(removed) properly.
    Access Controls - Our experts can examine your file shares, computers, and other devices to confirm that they are properly configured to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Site Visits/Audits - Schedule a time for our security team to do a full assessment of your department's data security.  We can do an assessment, and provide guidance and support on how to improve operations, security, and dissemination of data.
  • Risk Analysis and Assessment - Risk Analysis can be provided on potential or existing systems to give an educated assessment of what kind of safeguard are necessary to be compliant and protected.
  • Electronic Privacy - Our services revolve around protecting our students, employees, and faculty privacy.  This includes proper access controls, training, policies and standards, data disposal, and many more.
  • Intrusion Detection - The detection and prevention of intrusions is a paramount responsibility of Information Security.  We work every day to improve our ability to protect Chapman assets and users.
  • Incident Response - Incidents are handled promptly and professionally once reported.  Information Security employs all tools at its disposal to investigate, report, and respond to incidents that arise.
  • eDiscovery (Identification of sensitive structured or un-structured data at rest)
  • Forensic Investigations (Workstation, Network Appliance, Mobile Device)
  • Identity and Access Management - Our department works diligently to provide the proper access needed by our employees, students, and faculty.  A new and exciting tool to revolutionize this process will be introduce soon.