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The Information Security Office maintains a world class cyber security framework for strategies, standards, and policies. These ensure that all identified information assets are available with appropriate integrity and confidentiality.

The Offices of Human Resources and Information Security at Chapman have implemented an Online Training and Awareness Program to increase our general awareness of phishing by using a combination of simulated test emails and phishing awareness training modules.

Please follow Information Security Recommendations for Personal Computer Usage.

Please continue to report any suspicious or malicious message by forwarding it as an attachment (ctrl-alt-F  in Outlook) to abuse@chapman.edu.  

Latest Security Alerts

Below are the latest security alerts for our Chapman community.

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Notify IS&T immediately when you become aware of...

  • Theft or missing computer, laptop or mobile device
  • Breach of sensitive information (social security number, student records, etc.)
  • Any computer infections or spyware
  • Serious system outages