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Welcome to the SAP Concur and CTP training resources page.  Below are a number of videos and PDF guides to help you with booking travel and managing your expenses. The videos average about 1 - 2 minutes each in length, and have video controls available if you need to pause, rewind, fast forward, etc.

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Getting Started

Before you start entering expense reports or booking travel plans, you will need to get your concur account setup. 


Getting Started Checklist


Logging In

  • Video Tutorial (0:45)



Verifying Your Email Address

  • Video Tutorial (1:12)



Submitting a Request

  • Video Tutorial (2:06)



Tracking Requests

  • Video Tutorial (0:54)




Approving Requests

  • Video Tutorial (1:30)

Travel Policy & Resources

Resources for booking your next business itinerary.


Corporate Travel Planning SUPPORT 

  • Video Tutorial (0:43)



Setting Up Your Travel Preferrences 

  • Video Tutorial (1:36)



Unused Tickets 

  • Video Tutorial (1:10)



Booking Travel

  • Video Tutorial (1:55)



PCard Reconciliation

Video Tutorial (2:28)


PCard Reconciliation - Allocating Expense Lines to Different Chartfield Strings.

  • Video Tutorial (1:43)



Expenses Resources

Resources for creating and logging travel expenses

Creating a Basic Expense Report Without Per Diem
  • Video Tutorial (1:56)


Creating an Expense Report With Per Diem
  • Video Tutorial (1:47)



Charging Expense Line(s) to Different Chartfields

  • Video Tutorial (1:08)



Charging to Different Chartfield (Fund/Dept/Program) at the Header

  • Video Tutorial (1:09)


Creating an Expense Report with a Request/Cash Advance
  • Video Tutorial (1:36)


Returning Money to Chapman
  • Video Tutorial (1:21) 


Tracking Approvals on an Expense Report

  • Video Tutorial (1:13)



Approving An Expense Report

  • Video Tutorial (1:01)



3 Ways to Capture Receipts to Concur

  • Video Tutorial (1:55)


Delegate Resources

A "Delegate" is one or more users acting on another user's behalf. A delegate can be assigned to help with booking travel and managing expense reports.

Adding a Delegate for Requests, Expenses, and Approvals
  • Video Tutorial (1:28)



Concur Mobile

Concur Mobile:

The Concur Mobile app allows users access to their Travel and Expenses from the convenience of their mobile device. No Chapman University VPN is necessary to log into your account.


Registering Your Concur Mobile Account

  • Video tutorial