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FileVault is Apple's implementation of encrypting your data on Mac OS and Mac hardware. It will encrypt all of your data on your startup disk and once enabled, it will encrypt your data on the fly and will work seamlessly in the background. It forces all users to have to re-enter their password when waking from sleep or a screensaver and any non-administrator accounts will require an administrator to log them in on first login to enable the encryption.

Verifying FileVault encryption (MacOS) 

Under System Preferences, launch Security and Privacy. Click on the FileVault tab. Status should be “FileVault is turned on”. (see example below)

Screenshot of the Filevault verification view.

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Did you know?

Encryption is now mandatory for all Chapman owned laptops and desktops.

Are you a PC user?

PC users should visit our BitLocker page for information and installation instructions on encrypting their computer using that software instead.