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Until further notice, all training will be conducted remotely via Zoom.

Virtual drop-in support for teaching remotely (Canvas, Blackboard, and teaching pedagogy) visit bit.ly/lmssupport

Virtual drop-in support on Zoom, Teams or Panopto visit bit.ly/cu-online-teaching-platforms
Attention Faculty: Do you want to be an Early Canvas Adopter?

If you are teaching in Canvas anytime during 2020, please fill out our Early Adopter form so we can better support you.

Canvas is a learning management system (LMS) that will completely replace Blackboard Learn for students, faculty, and staff at Chapman University by January 2021. We're excited for this change and we hope you'll like the new learning platform.

Learn more in some of the Frequently Asked Questions listed below.

Canvas Information

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Where can I learn more about Canvas and how will training occur?

For faculty: We offer self-paced Canvas courses, Educational Technology Services (ETS) workshops, and ETS drop-in hours for training. Each faculty member can sign into Canvas with their Chapman credentials and find a "Self-paced Growing with Canvas" course as well as a personal practice sandbox course. Visit the Chapman Canvas Instructor Training site for more training options or visit the Chapman Canvas workshop registration for details on workshops and drop-in hours. Canvas also offers great Canvas Instructor Guides or, if the technology paired with Canvas is Chapman-specific, search our Chapman Canvas Knowledge Base.

For students: We offer a Chapman Student Canvas Training site, or we can teach faculty how to add pre-made student training modules to their courses that help students understand the basics about Canvas. Students can also search the Canvas Student Guides or Canvas Student Video Tutorials.

When can faculty start using Canvas?

Course sites are available now. If you choose to teach through Canvas in 2020, we hope you will sign up through the Early Canvas Adopter Form so we can better support your early adoption needs. Our goal is to have the majority of our faculty using Canvas by fall 2020. All faculty will be using Canvas by January 2021.

Do faculty have to use Canvas?

Faculty are not required to use a learning management system (LMS); however, most find it a great tool to support the content, communication, and assessment needs to support student learning. We highly recommend using Canvas for its great learning support and learning analytics. Starting Spring 2021, no course sites will exist in Blackboard Learn and they will only exist in Canvas. 

Will my current and past courses be migrated?

Yes, your current and past Blackboard courses will be migrated to Canvas. The migration schedule is dependent on the timeline for your campus division. 

You can choose to have us migrate your content, you can migrate your content yourself (which often gives you more control over what and how it is migrated), or you can choose to start fresh and build your course from scratch on Canvas. Contact us to for information to help you make this decision: canvas@chapman.edu.

Choosing Canvas

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Why and how was this decision made?

In fall 2018, we kicked off a project to evaluate whether Blackboard Learn continued to be the right software to support teaching and learning on our campus. In April 2019, we convened a Request for Proposal (RFP) Committee to formally evaluate three different cloud-based Learning Management Systems (Blackboard Ultra, Brightspace, Canvas) to see which would meet our campus needs. Since then, we've gathered data from students and faculty, conducted numerous hands-on focus group sessions, and held an all-campus Town Hall to discuss this issue. From that assessment we learned that Canvas was the preferred LMS for our campus.

What is an LMS?

LMS = Learning Management System. Our LMS for the past 16 years has been Blackboard Learn.

Who was on the RFP Committee?

  • Jeff Goad - School of Pharmacy
  • Jana Remy - IS&T Educational Technology Services
  • Ron Steiner - Faculty Senate President and Fowler School of Law
  • Lynda Hall - Faculty Senate Secretary and Wilkinson College
  • Samantha Gonzalez - student
  • Brett Fisher - Leatherby Library
  • Eric Chimenti - Wilkinson College
  • Michael Fahy - Fowler School of Engineering
  • Bruce Dehning - Argyros School of Business
  • Caroline Wilson - Crean College
  • Dorcas James - IS&T PMO
  • Sheryl Hathaway - IS&T Instructional Technology
  • George Viegas - IS&T Information Security
  • Lauri Mantooth - IS&T Enterprise Applications
  • Austin Lee - School of Communication Studies

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We have answers. Submit your inquiries via our online form or send an email to canvas@chapman.edu