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Chapman University has wired and wireless networking capabilities in most areas on campus. Eduroam allows all students, staff, faculty and campus guests to move around campus while maintaining a fast, reliable and secure wireless internet connection.

Don't have an eduroam account? Not a problem!

The Chapman Open guest wifi network is available to visitors who do not have a valid eduroam account. Simply connect on your device and accept the terms and conditions to get started.

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About eduRoam

eduRoam is a global partnership of institutions that allows all users to authenticate to WiFi using their University's email address and password. Once you connect, you will find that your devices will automatically connect to the eduRoam WiFi network at many of the surrounding schools such as UCI and USC. The reverse is true for visiting faculty and students when they visit Chapman University.

IS&T encourages everyone to begin connecting their devices to eduRoam now, as our existing Chapman University wireless network will be retired at the end of summer 2017. Please note that we will continue to have an open guest wireless network on campus for non-Chapman visitors.

eduRoam Benefits

The eduRoam network provides similar access as a typical wired computer. This means you will not need VPN in most situations while connected at Chapman University (Faculty & staff only). All of your wireless traffic will be encrypted. There are no bandwidth throttles (Previously capped at 25MB/sec). Again, users can be anywhere on campus and experience the same benefits as if they were on a wired computer.

Connecting Your Devices To eduRoam

Below are tutorials and instructions for connecting your specific device to the eduroam network. Please select your device from the list below for more information on how to get connected.

Note: You may be presented a one-time prompt to trust or accept Chapman's authentication server. This is part of the setup and is encouraged.

Video Tutorials

PDF Instructions:

Registering Devices on Chapman Open

Device registration allows your device to use the Chapman Open network for a period up to 1 year without having to click the accept button, and is intended for devices that don’t work properly with eduRoam.

Registration is valid for one year, at which point you’ll need to repeat the steps again for your device.

In order to complete this procedure, you’ll need to find the Mac Address (also called the Physical Address or Wifi Address) for your device. Example: 5C-E0-C5-35-78-FE or 5C:E0:C5:35:78:FE. The procedure for finding the mac address will vary depending on your device.

  1. While on campus and connected to WiFi, go to the Device Registration page.
  2. At the logon prompt, enter your Chapman username and password, and click Log In.

    login to register your device

  3. Enter a descriptive name for your device, followed by the Mac Address.

    Dialog box demonstrating how to create a device, including Device Name and MAC Address.
  4. Click Create Device. Verify the details on the confirmation page.
  5. If your device is already connected to Chapman Open, please disconnect. Wait at least 6 minutes, then re-connect to Chapman Open. You are done.
  6. Troubleshooting:
    1. If you are having problems with device registration, then please double-check you’ve registered the correct mac address in the portal, and disconnected the device for at least 6 months.
    2. Send an email to servicedesk@chapman.edu with your issue. Please include the type of device (e.g. Apple Watch) and mac address in your request.


Make sure you are entering your full Chapman University email address in the username field (e.g. jgarcia@chapman.edu instead of jgarcia). For those who are using a Windows 7 laptop owned by Chapman University, you may need to connect to the wired network and restart before being able to connect to eduroam for the first time.

Need Assistance?

Please contact the IS&T Service Desk at servicedesk@chapman.edu if you experiencing technical difficulty with connecting your device to the eduRoam WiFi network.