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Technology Requirements for Online/Blended Courses

» Technology requirements for Online/Blended Courses

Important Note:

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they have the required technology fluency to succeed in an online learning environment and to secure and maintain access to required technology resources. An internet connection is necessary to participate in course discussions and assignments, access course resources, and receive feedback from your instructors. Students should check their campus email account and Canvas courses daily to keep abreast of their coursework and program communications.

Please click on the sections below to take our Online Readiness Assessment to determine if this is the right option for you and to learn about technology fluency and computing requirements.

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Online Readiness Assessment

Online learning provides numerous advantages, such as its flexibility and convenience. It allows people to fit education into their busy schedules. Before taking advantage of this type of learning, it's important to remember that there are special requirements.

In some cases, students think online courses are more convenient than their onsite counterparts due to the absence of in-person meetings. This is not the case.

Although Online courses do not require onsite meetings, they provide a variety of activities that can make up for the time they spend in the classroom. For some students, these activities can be very challenging due to their high degree of independence and self-direction. In addition, some students prefer to interact with their instructors in person.

You may take the Online Readiness Assessment to learn more. Upon completing the assessment, you will receive a final score to help determine your readiness.

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