» Upgrade your Browser

You may be using a browser version which is not supported by Chapman University's websites. Please review the below information to correct this issue. 

Supported Browsers Versions

  • Chrome: version 70+
  • FireFox: version 60.3 ESR+
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: version 11+
  • Microsoft Edge: version 42+
  • Safari: version 10+

Please note: To identify your browser version, go to the "about" tab in most browsers, or view more browser version identification instructions.

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Benefits of Upgrading Your Internet Browser

With every upgrade comes better security features to protect you against scams, viruses, trojans, phishing and other threats. The creators of these threats are targeting weaknesses in older browsers, so upgrading makes this process more difficult.

With the addition of new interactive and dynamic elements to websites, a browser needs to update its features to accommodate. This will improve the speed and as a result will de-stress your life. It's good for you!

As noted above with new features being develop every day for the web, upgrading will allow new technology to be displayed correctly.

Today, we are past the point of a browser just being a browser. Latest options allow for extensions and better customizability, making your web-experience more comfortable.

Updating your browser version - on Chapman computers

If you are a Chapman University faculty, staff or student using a computer on campus, please do not upgrade yourself. Please contact the Service Desk at (714) 997-6600 or servicedesk@chapman.edu for assistance.

Updating your browser - on non-Chapman computers

The following links will lead you to a page to either download your browser of choice or with instructions on how to upgrade.

Contact the Support Desk

If you are working on an on-campus computer at Chapman, you should automatically have the latest Internet Explorer version supported by IS&T. You should also already have Firefox. If you have an old version, you cannot update Internet Explorer yourself, you will need to contact the Service Desk for assistance.

Our Recommendations

Chapman suggests using the latest version of Firefox. It is installed by default on all Chapman computers, and has been optimized using general web standards to view most websites as they were intended. Older versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer have, in the past, used their own set of rules so some websites did not always function well or look the same. That being said the latest version if Internet Explorer is more compatible than versions from several years back.