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Remote Desktop Connecting allows Chapman users to login to a different computer within the Chapman network from their computer.  Their computer may be in or outside the network.  If outside, users must first use the VPN to connect to the network, then follow the directions below to connect to the other computer.

+ - Windows 7 users

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection is installed by default on Windows 7 operating systems. 

To use the Remote Desktop Connection client make sure your VPN connection is turned on and connected.  To connect to another Windows 7 computer, on your Windows 7 computer, go to the “Start” button on the bottom left hand corner.

Start button

Click the “Start” button, and from the Menu click on All Programs,

All Programs

Then click on Accessories


And click on Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Connection

When Remote Desktop Connection opens it will look like this.

In the Computer field you will need to type in the Windows computer name you are connecting to. IE:  computer-name-456 (example).

Computer Field

Click on Options, type in your username, click the SAVE button to save your connection settings for future use.  Click on Connect, and you will be prompted for your password when the connection has been established.  You will be connected to the remote computer.  If you have a problem connecting, make sure your VPN connection is turned on and connected.

General Display


+ - Mac Users

Connecting to a Windows 7 Computer with MacIntosh

First download the Remote Desktop Connection.  You can download it from this address (click on this link) MS Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac.

Click on the Download button.

Download Button

Click Save File when this box pops up.

Save File

When this has finished downloading go to your “Downloads” folder located in the bottom right hand corner on your Task Bar. The icon will look like this.

Download Icon

When you click on this icon you will see a box open briefly, then disappear on your desktop.  It will leave a window open with an icon that looks like this. Double click on the icon called RDC Installer.

RDC Installer

It will open an Installer window.

Installer window

Click continue. Just follow the prompts to install RDC.

After you accept the MS License agreement, you will be prompted for your password. When you get this screen it will tell you the install was successful.

Install Successful

To make a live connection to your Windows 7 computer, turn on your VPN connection so it is connected.

Open Remote Desktop Connection by clicking on the icon. You will get this screen.

Remote Desktop Connection

In the computer field type in your computer name ie: “computer-name-xxx.chapman.edu” or whatever it may be. Then click on Connect. It should connect to your Windows 7 computer.

After you have finished be sure to logoff of your Windows 7 computer.

Make sure you disconnect your VPN connection when you are finished.

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