» Remote Desktop Computing

Remote Desktop allows Chapman users to access to a Chapman University network computer from another computer.  The directions below will help with setting up your remote desktop connection to your CU network computer. VPN is not required for remote desktop setup or connection.

Before setting up your remote desktop connection you will need the "Full Computer Name" for your network computer. The steps below will guide you on how to find the full computer name of the network computer you are remoting into.


Locating the "Full Computer Name" for a Network Computer

  1. Open the yellow File Explorer folder on your toolbar.
  2. Right-click on "This PC"
  3. Select "Properties"
  4. Your Full Computer Name is located under "Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings".

 Screenshot of the Full Computer Name with a red rectangle around it.


Remote Desktop Setup Instructions

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Windows 10 Users


Remote Desktop Set-up

1. Using the Start Menu / search bar, open the program Remote Desktop Connection 

Screenshot of the remote desktop application icon 

2. Select Show Options 

Screenshot of the Show Options button

3. Select the Advanced tab 

Screenshot of the advance button

4. Select Settings 

Screenshot of the settings button

5. Select Use these RD Gateway Settings and enter the following 
   a. Server Name: rdg.chapman.edu 
   b. Logon Method: Ask for a password 
   c. Check the box that says Use my RD Gateway credentials for the remote computer 
   d. Click OK 

Screenshot of the Remote Desktop Gateway settings screen

6. Select General tab 
7. For Computer, enter the full computer name of your desktop on campus in the following format 
   a. Example: MYDESKTOP.chapman.edu 
8. For User name, enter your Chapman email address. 
9. Select Connect 

Screenshot of the computer name, email address field, and connect button..

After a few moments, the gateway will connect to your workstation.  

NOTE: If you are connecting from home, you may see an additional prompt. Simply enable Don’t ask me again [… ]then Connect again. 

Screenshot of the additional prompt message.


Mac Users

Connecting to a Windows 10 Computer with MacIntosh

Open the App Store and search for Microsoft Remote Desktop then download / install the following app: 

 Remote Desktop Gateway

How to Connect – Mac

Please note: your Macintosh computer must be running macOS 10.12 Sierra or higher to install Microsoft Remote Desktop 10. If you have not upgraded, please do so before continuing.


1. Open the App Store and search for Microsoft Remote Desktop then download / install the following app:

Screenshot of the Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 Mac application logo

2. Upon first-launch of Microsoft Remote Desktop 10, please click on the “gear” icon at the top of the window -or- click on the Microsoft Remote Desktop menu at the top left of your screen and select Preferences…

Screenshot of the microsoft remote desktop setup window with a red circle around the preferences button. 

3. Once the Preferences window opens, click on the middle tab titled “Gateways

screenshot of the Gateways tab in the preferences window. 

4. Click on the + button at the bottom left corner of the Gateways window to add a gateway

Screenshot of the Gateways setup window with a red arrow point to the Plus sign button.

5. In the Gateway name box, enter rdg.chapman.edu

Screenshot of the gateways name field.


6. Click on the User account dropdown (where it already says “Use PC User Account” and select “Add User Account…

7. Enter your full chapman email address in the Username field, and enter your Chapman password in the password field

Screenshot of the username and password fields.

8. Close the Add User window by clicking the Add button

9. Then close the Add Gateway window by also clicking the Add button

10. Click the red icon at the top left corner of the Preferences window to close it.

11. Add Your Chapman Desktop as a connection:

  1. If you have no PCs listed, you should see a big blue “Add PC” button in the middle of the main window. Otherwise, click the + button at the top of the window and select “Add PC”
  2. For PC name, enter your-computer-name.chapman.edu (example: dept-username-7060.chapman.edu)
  3. About halfway down in the Add PC window, click on the Gateway drop-down menu that currently says “No gateway” and select the gateway that you had previously set up (rdg.chapman.edu)
  4. Click the Add button at the bottom-right corner of the Add PC window to close it

Screenshot of the Edit PC settings window.

12. You will have a new box added to your main window that shows the name PC. Double-click that box to initiate a connection.

13. Upon first connection attempt, you will be prompted with a window warning that this may not be a secure connection. Click on the Show Certificate button.

14. The window will expand downward, and you should see a checkbox that says “Always trust your-computer-name.chapman.edu” then click Continue to proceed with the connection.

Screenshot of a padlock with the Remote Desktop logo on the front.

15. Your Mac will prompt you that you are making changes to your “certificate trust settings”. Enter the admin password for your Mac and click the Update Settings button to continue.

Screenshot of the System username and password field.

16. Your PC should show up as a full-screen window on your Mac, at which point you are connected to your work computer and can continue as if you were seated at your desk on campus.