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Policy Statement

Official university information that is shared via electronic means, including via websites, email or other on line methods shall be presented in such a manner as to be accessible to all users, including to individuals who have disabilities and/or use assistive technology to access such materials.

Reason for the Policy

The purpose of the policy is to ensure that university resources are available to as many people as possible.


Electronic materials are published by a large number of content providers across the university. Content providers are required to make such records available to as broad an audience as possible, including those who must use assistive technology to access electronic resources. Electronic materials include:

  • Publicly available websites;
  • Emails and attachments sent to lists such as all-campus distribution lists;
  • Other online methods.

The Office of Strategic Marketing and Communications (SMC) and Information Systems & Technology (IS& T) provides resource materials that pertain to accessibility issues, including current standards and tools available to content providers. These can be found at the link in the related information section below. These two offices also provide through the university's content management system web templates and through the university's bulk email system templates that meet current accessibility guidelines. Content providers must either use these templates, or use templates that are equally accessible, and include only accessible materials within those templates.

SMC manages the publication process for the University's main website and reviews materials being made publicly available. The process for publication can be found at the link in the related information section below. Content providers using other tools to deliver electronic materials must meet the same standard as the main university website.

IS&T and SMC provide training and documentation on accessibility issues to content providers on a regular basis. Training is mandatory for those publishing to the Chapman website, or with access to university-wide email lists.

Vendors providing software, websites and other online resources on behalf of the University to the entire campus community or public are required to complete and submit the WCAG sections of the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) found at http:ljwww.itic.org/policy/accessibility/ before a contract is signed.

The University provides a publicly available means for an individual to report an accessibility issue. Upon receipt of such a notification, the University will enter into an interactive process with the individual to determine a reasonable accommodation.

Office Responsible for Policy

Name of Office: IS&T and SMC

For questions about this policy contact: Helen Norris, Chief Information Officer, hnorris@chapman.edu

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Related Information

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Who Approved this Policy

Sr. Staff member's name: Helen Norris

Date Approved by Sr. Staff: January 9, 2018

Approved on January 12, 2018


Daniele C. Struppa

President, Chapman University

Publication Date

January 19, 2018