» Yeti Microphone Support


  1. Refer to the Yeti box for the type of setting to use for your recording.
  2. There is no shock mount so the Yeti will pick up every little sound you make. Be careful.
  3. Adjust the gain to control the sensitivity of sound the Yeti picks up.
  4. Positioning: Use the front of the microphone, which is the side with the Blue logo on it. It is not like a regular microphone do not use the end like eating a hot dog instead use the front. Stay within 6 to 10 inches from the microphone.
  5. If you have a boom stand use it. You want to get the microphone off the desk to avoid the Yeti from picking up vibrations.
  6. Use a pop filter.
  7. Mute button: when the light is flashing red, the mute function is on. When the light is solid red the mute function is off.

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