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To eliminate excessive/abusive printing and become more environmentally friendly Chapman University has implemented printing charges on the printers on public access and lab computers.

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Each page sent to the printer will be debited from the student’s account at a rate of:

Black and White
Single-sided or Duplex (double-sided)

$.10 per sheet
Available: Leatherby Library (Rotunda)
$.50 per side


All active Chapman students on the Orange campus that have a network login will have a printing account.

  • Undergraduate student printing accounts will be credited with a balance of $12.50 for the Spring/Fall semesters or $5.00 for the Interterm/Summer semesters.
  • Graduate student printing accounts will be credited with a balance of $20.00 for the Spring/Fall semesters or $5.00 for the Interterm/Summer semesters.
  • PhD student printing accounts: please contact the Service Desk for more information .
  • Physical Therapy student printing accounts will be credited with a balance of $20.00 for the Spring/Fall/Summer semesters.
  • Post-Baccalaureate student printing accounts will be credited with a balance of $5.00 for each term.
  • Law School student printing accounts will be unlimited for the Spring/Interterm/Fall/Summer semesters.

Each page sent to the printer will debit your account by $0.10, $0.50. Students who exceed their free print credit per semester must have a positive declining balance in their account before the network will allow them to print.

A declining balance is a University account that the Cashier's Office maintains but, is separate from your tuition and Panther Bucks.

If the student exceeds their free print credits, printing charges will automatically deduct from their declining balance to print.

To add funds to their declining balance visit the Cashier’s Office or use the Blackboard station on the 1st floor of the Leatherby Library.

All free print quotas (NOT your declining balance) will expire and be deleted from the system at the end of each semester or term regardless of the account balance. There will be no carry over to the next semester or term since each student will be given another free print credit.


Each student’s print account will be tracked through a SQL database. When a student prints a pop-up window on their computer desktop will inform them if it has been sent successfully. The student must be sure they have enough print credits or funds in their declining balance to print.

In rare circumstances the print job may experience a problem and a page or pages may not print properly. Adjustments to accounts will be made only under the following situations:
  • There was a printer malfunction and the print was never delivered or is damaged and unusable.
Only IS&T staff with proper authorization will be allowed to make adjustments to a print account. Students that encounter a printing problem and need an adjustment must go to the Leatherby Library Computer Lab Service Desk in the basement and fill out a Print Problem Adjustment form. Adjustments to the print account can be made between 8 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday.


Why did Chapman implement a printing quota?
  • Reduce waste and promote environmental responsibility and sustainability – currently approximately 30% of the paper printed in the labs is not claimed by users or is immediately discarded
  • Reduce paper and toner usage waste in student computing labs
  • More fairly distribute costs for excessive printing to students consuming the most paper
How does printing work on-campus at Chapman University?
Refer to the above Printing Policy.

How can I find out how much I have in my free print quota and declining balance?
Log into a lab or public access computer, click on the “Print Balance” icon on the desktop to check your total balance.

Do I still need to add funds to my print account from the printing website like before?
No, printing funds no longer need to be manually added from the website.

How do I add funds to my declining balance?
How do I print duplex (double-sided) or color?
View, save, or print out instructions on How to Double-Side (duplex) and Color Print (PDF file).

Why can’t I print?
Verify credits using the “Print Balance” icon on the desktop.  If your free print credits plus your declining balance equals a:
  • Positive value then you can print
  • Negative value signified by parentheses ex: ($1.00) around the amount, then you need to add funds to your declining balance.  
    • To add funds to your declining balance refer to the “How do I add funds to my declining balance?” above.
Why do I have parentheses on my declining balance?
You owe the Cashier’s Office.

Can I stop a print job before it is complete if I realize that I no longer want what is printing?
Once you have sent a job to the printer it cannot be stopped. Be sure to verify the number of pages you have sent to the printer before approving it. If for any reason there is a technical problem with a print job such as a paper jam, inform a staff member at the Computer Lab Service Desk.

What happens if there are not enough free print credits and declining balance?
You will receive a pop up on the lower right hand corner of the desktop stating “not enough money to print job”.

What happens to my free print credit quota at the end of the semester or term?
The printing credit will be reset at the beginning of each semester or term. Credits do not accumulate from semester to semester and are not refundable.

What happens if I use all of my free print credits?
It will automatically deduct from your declining balance to print. However, you will not be able to print if you don’t have POSITIVE balance in your declining balance.

Why can’t I print using Internet Explorer when I am viewing a document from my Google Email?
It doesn’t work in IE use Firefox.  In Firefox,download the document and save it to the desktop (do NOT select open), then open the document from the desktop and print.

Why can’t I print a document using Internet Explorer in my Google Email?
You must first save the document to the desktop (do NOT select open), then open the document from the desktop and select print.
What do I do if my print job is smudged and unusable?
See the Computer Lab Service Desk staff and they can assist you with reprinting and correcting your quota. Make sure that you bring the damaged print with you.

How can I reduce my printing?
  • Use web browser bookmarks to save material you are interested in rather than printing them.
  • Email yourself URLs of web sites you are interested in rather than print them.
  • Use the print preview feature of applications to verify output layout of documents which you are frequently updating. Only print when you are satisfied with the final result.
  • When making changes or corrections to a document only print the page that contains the corrections instead of reprinting the entire document. If you are unsure how to do this a staff member at the Computer Lab Service Desk.
  • Consider printing PowerPoint slides 3 to 6 to a page. This will also speed up the printing process.
  • If your print job does not print don’t resend it. There may be many other jobs ahead of yours in the queue or the printer may have run out of paper. If you keep resending your documents to the printer multiple copies will be printed later and deducted from your account.
  • When you leave a computer system make sure you remember to log out. If you leave yourself logged in someone else may be able to use your quota.