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One-on-One Assistance

If you are new to Panther Analytics, find yourself in need of a refresher, or would like to deepen your skillset, email the Institutional Research and Decision Support (IRADS) office at IRADS@chapman.edu to schedule a one-on-one session. They are available to provide help ranging from basic questions about Panther Analytics' functionality to strategizing how best to use its information in your informed decision making.

Key Features

Panther Analytics can help you:

  • make sense of mountains of data to improve student retention and success
  • make better data-informed decisions day or night
  • monitor performance indicators with ease
  • identify patterns of student activity and performance that may help identify students at-risk for immediate action
  • review enrollment trends needed for effective planning

What Type of Data Does It Contain?

Panther Analytics currently uses data from PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, PeopleSoft HCM, and PeopleSoft Finance.

More information about what's included in each story board can be found in the "See More" links for each category on the Panther Analytics main page.

Training Materials and other Resources

Cell Action List

(Not available on all reports!)

  1. Click on a number in a table or a region in a chart.
  2. If available, choose the menu item Cell Action List and choose an available action.
  3. A new window will appear with the data.
  4. To download the data, click the download icon at the lower left.
  5. Click the export link to save the data.

SSRS Report

  1. Make selections from the drop-down lists at the top, if they appear.
  2. Click the View Report button at the right. The lower portion of the page should populate with the report's results.
  3. Navigate the report preview using the scroll bars and the page buttons in the blue bar.
  4. Click the Save icon in the blue bar to download the data to Excel or another format.

Optimal Operating Conditions

Panther Analytics runs in a web browser and requires a secure internet connection. Panther Analytics uses the HTML5 standard which is compatible with most modern web browsers on most operating systems. However, many reports are optimized for larger screens and may not display well on small devices.

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Contact Us

For help or feedback, write to us at pantheranalytics@chapman.edu.