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Google Storage Changes

» Google Storage Changes - Starting Summer 2022

Important Changes to Google Storage

Last year Google announced it would end its long-standing policy of providing unlimited storage to higher education institutions. All universities will now have to limit the amount of data they can store in their Google instances. 

As a result, the Chapman community will have to reduce its storage consumption across various accounts, such as Google Drive and Google Photos. 

Expected Revisions and Key Dates

The following table describes a list of expected significant changes to Google services. All affected owners will receive communication in advance of the anticipated implementation dates. Chapman University IS&T will take every measure to minimize impact. Please continue to check this page for the latest project updates. 

  • The creation of new Shared Drives has been disabled
  • Active students will receive a 15 GB storage quota – July 2022
  • Faculty and staff will receive a 40 GB storage quota – July 2022
  • Shared drive owners will be notified to download or move data – April 2023
  • Shared drives owned by Alumni/Former Students will be deleted – July 2023
  • Shared drive owners owned by active students will be deleted – August 2023
  • Alums will have access to Google removed one year, post-graduation – Starting Fall 2022

We will proceed with quota implementation soon, which is not expected to be immediately impactful. IS&T will temporarily allow those currently over to exceed the new limits and will contact them separately.

Note to Our Alums

You will retain your alum email with a quota, but Google Drive and other Google services will be deleted. We will send out direct communication to you several months before the changes take effect, with the direction to use Google Takeout to get your data out of the system and transfer it to a personal account.

How to Prepare

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Transferring Your Files

  1. Confirm how much storage you are using. 
  2. Review and delete large or unnecessary files in Drive.
    1. Faculty/Staff: Review and delete large or unnecessary files in shared drives 
    2. Students: Download and delete files from Shared Drives in preparation for Fall 2022 deletion. 
    3. Alums: Use Google Takeout to download your information or transfer it to a personal Google account.
      1. Your University Google account is only for University use. 
  3. If you don't want to use Google Takeout, you may manually transfer your files to your Chapman University OneDrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

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