By the Numbers

$34 million Amount of Research Expenditure in FY2022

$34.2 million Amount of Research Expenditures in FY2022

$11 million Federal Research Expenditure in FY2022

$11.1 million in Federal Research Expenditures in FY2022

Federal Expenditure
80+ Contracts with industry partners in FY2022

80+ contracts with industry partners in FY 2022

2145 Graduate Students

2145 Graduate Students

7 Doctoral Programs

Doctoral Programs

Doctoral Programs
57 Masters Programs

57 Masters Programs

Masters Programs

Research Departments

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In the News

Lia Halloran's NEA Supported Collection, "Your Body is a Space that Sees" Exhibits at LAX

Lia Halloran's NEA Supported Collection, "Your Body is a Space that Sees" Exhibits at LAX

In 2015, Lia Halloran received a National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Art Works grant to support the series, which contains a total of forty pieces. The exhibit's large-scale cyanotypes, created using source imagery from the Harvard College Observatory, juxtapose distant, telescopic views of the stars with the human histories and identities behind our greatest astronomical explorations.

Lia Halloran's NEA Supported Collection, "Your Body is a Space that Sees" Exhibits at LAX

NEH Success for Faculty Members

Congratulations to Dr. Shira Klein and Dr. Nora Rivera who each recently received highly competitive awards funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). Dr. Shira Klein, Associate Professor of History, was awarded an NEH Summer Stipend for work on her book, Jews and Race in the Italian Colonization of Africa, 1890–1945.  Dr. Nora Rivera, Assistant Professor of English, was selected to participate in the NEH Worlds in Collision: Nahua and Spanish Pictorial Histories and Annals in 16th-Century Mexico Summer Institute at Adelphi University. 

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Gates Foundation Awards Chapman Institute More Than $11 Million

Gates Foundation Awards Chapman Institute More Than $11 Million

In the struggle to make education more inclusive, too often people with disabilities have been on the outside looking in. But now Chapman University’s Thompson Policy Institute on Disability (TPI) is increasing access and opportunity for all individuals, aided by growing support from foundations and other donors.

Gates Foundation Awards Chapman Institute More Than $11 Million

Student Research Spotlights

Morgan Grimes ‘22 Receives the Scholarly/Creative Grant for a Project Combining Art and Science

On her own time, with curiosity and love for science, Grimes recieved grants to travel to Poland and study Marie Curie. Though due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, she used the money towards the project. The final project is an art piece of five paintings on x-rays, to illustrate Marie Curie’s influence such as creating the mobile x-ray machine during WWI and chemotherapy.

Read about Grimes discoveries and research here

Sanika Pandit '21 Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Sanika Pandit ’21, was recently awarded the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship which recognizes graduate students in science, technology, engineering, and math who are pursuing further education in masters and doctoral programs. Pandit is currently working and exploring regenerative medicine alongside Dean Andrew Lyon of the Fowler School of Engineering for the Lyon Group, where their research focuses on various aspects of soft materials chemistry and physics for applications in bioengineering.

Read more about Sanika's research here

Sara Iisaka '22 Researches Disordered Eating Research during the Pandemic

Sara Iisaka (she/her) has always been intrigued by the way people’s perceptions about themselves are influenced by the circumstances and environment around them. Needless to say, the COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted the entire world in various, complex ways. Following her curiosity, Iisaka took part in a research project utilizing the Schoin the midst of the pandemic that looked into how people’s perceptions of their weight, body image, exercise, and eating habits in relation to eating disorder symptoms have been impacted by COVID-19. 

Read more about Sara's findings and research here
chapman forward magainze cover

Chapman Forward Magazine

Chapman University’s robust growth in research and scholarly and creative activity opens doors to enhancements that will improve student experience and opportunities. Chapman Forward is a research publication that highlight just a few of the exciting areas where Chapman faculty and students are making a difference in the world and in our community.