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Physical Wellness means recognizing and taking care of our bodies physical needs for exercise, nutrition, and sleep. This includes being aware of our daily habits and behaviors and making decisions that positively impact and protect our physical well-being.

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Student Health Center

The Student Health Center has a Medical Doctor, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses and Medical Assistants to help address your medical concerns. We can see students for illnesses (coughs, sore throats, skin issues, etc,), well-women exams (starting birth control pills, PAP smears), STIs, and basic blood tests. If needed, we can also give orders for radiology exams (X-rays, ultrasounds). A wonderful benefit of our Student Health Center is we have many medications, like antibiotics, on-site in order to minimize the need of going to a pharmacy.

  • The Student Health Center provides a location for students to address their medical needs and concerns.
  • The Student Health Center offers education to students about health and wellness.
  • The Student Health Center provides guidance to students so they are able to make evidence-based decisions to improve their health and wellness.

For questions please feel free to call us at (714) 997-6851.

Wellness and Recreation

Wellness and Recreation enhances the student experience by promoting healthy lifestyles and creating opportunities for social interaction and community by managing four fitness and recreation facilities and coordinating programs, events, and resources designed to support students' holistic wellness.

  • The RecPortal is Chapman’s hub for fitness and recreation to help students stay active through fitness centers, our campus rock wall, and GroupX fitness classes.
  • Chapman’s Orange campus has three recreation facilities including the 6,000-square-foot Henley Hall Fitness Center, which features a Spin Studio and Group Fitness Room.