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Occupational Wellness means choosing professions that provide a feeling of purpose and productivity. This means acknowledging our talents and skills and the opportunity to achieve personal satisfaction through our work.

Career and Professional Development

Here at Chapman, we believe personalizing your education both in and out of the classroom, individually and professionally. That's why your supportive Chapman Career Team includes university-wide services with Office of Career and Professional Development and program-specific support with College Career Advisors. Whether you are exploring programs, polishing your career toolkit, searching for your first internship, looking for your post-grad job, building your network, or simply don't know where to start - we are here to assist you through your entire professional journey. From first-year student to alumni executive, rest assured that you have an enthusiastic Career Team committed to helping you achieve anything imaginable, and Chapman will always be your Career Connection for Life.

  1. We get it. Even the word "career" can be overwhelming at times… Hint: Talking to someone – especially a career coach – helps! Connecting with a career educator/advisor can give you the extra push, support, professional insight and sounding board you need. We can help organize your goals, values, needs, skills, experience, and what’s important to you when tackling career decisions.
  2. There is no single definition of "success" and no single career path. Reaching professional fulfillment requires thinking about your future in a healthy way through self-assessment, not so much external expectations – and using your self-awareness to balance your strengths, goals, aspirations, priorities, skills and needs.
  3. Interviews are two-way streets. You are just as much evaluating the company as they are making a decision about you. We spend more time at work than at home, with our friends and families, even sleeping for some of us! So, selecting work environments that match your needs (financial or otherwise), that will set you up for success, and be in alignment with your personal and professional values/priorities is critical to work-life balance and happiness.

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