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Social Wellness means having a strong and diverse social network that can offer support and guidance when we are in need. This involves understanding and being connected to our own identities and cultural communities, acknowledging our needs to connect with others, and being mindful to form healthy relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

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Argyros Forum Student Union

Student Union programs, resources, and services are designed to cultivate students’ knowledge of on-campus involvement opportunities, investment in school spirit and pride, connection to the Chapman community, understanding of the diversity within the Chapman student community, and complement the overall educational experience at the university.

The Student Union offers one of the only gathering spaces on campus that is specifically designed and prioritized for students. The Student Union coordinates a variety of entertainment programs, some of which feature student artists. The Student Union hosts many events and informational tables to help students find involvement opportunities that align with their identities, interests, and passions.

Student Union Contacts

Civic Engagement Initiatives

Civic Engagement programs, resources, and services are designed to increase students' disposition to be active in public issues, increase students' civic literacy about problems of/in democracy, increase the number of students voting in presidential elections, and increase students' capacity for perspective-taking.

  • Hosts opportunities to engage in community service, which has been shown to decrease levels of stress and depression.
  • Coordinates events to learn more about public issues and foster a sense of purpose and social responsibility.
  • Connects students with similar interests through educational events and environmental, social, and political issues.

Civic Engagement Contacts

Cross-Cultural Center

The Cross-Cultural Center fosters the exploration and affirmation of the unique identities at Chapman University. Programs and services encourage students to explore, celebrate, and share their diverse cultures and traditions; further examine and cultivate the multiple aspects of their personal identities; develop an appreciation of and respect for diversity; and hone their skills in cross-cultural leadership and dialogue while creating a welcoming and inclusive campus community.

  • One of the only gathering spaces on campus that is specifically designed and prioritized for students.
  • Coordinates events that affirm and celebrate the diverse identities of Chapman students.
  • Connects students with faculty and staff who share similar identities and life experiences to foster a deeper sense of belonging within the Chapman family.

Cross-Cultural Center Contacts

Student Organizations

Student Organizations coordinate the registration process for new and continuing organizations; advises club leadership on event planning, leadership development, and membership recruitment; and helps students connect with clubs that fit their interests.

  • Student organizations range from those that complement students' academic and career goals to those that support students' passion for their community or personal interests.
  • Network of belonging and support for all Chapman students to succeed and support students' wellbeing while they are in college.
  • Proposals for new student organizations are accepted during the earlier part of the Fall and Spring Semesters.

Student Organization Contacts

Fraternity & Sorority Life

The Greek Life community at Chapman strives to create a fun and inclusive environment for students to grow through academic achievement, philanthropic and service opportunities, leadership roles, and a variety of brotherhood/sisterhood events, social events, and professional events. Fraternity and sorority life can add many valuable dimensions to a college experience.

  • Fosters friendships, connections, and involvement within the Chapman community.
  • Provides leadership development opportunities designed to help students' develop and refine their espoused and enacted values.
  • There are eight national sororities and ten international fraternities recognized at Chapman.

Greek Life Contact

University Program Board

The University Program Board (UPB) strives to enhance the overall experience at Chapman University by actively engaging students with entertaining and community-oriented programs throughout the academic year. The board provides opportunities for participation in the implementation of its programs in order to integrate the varied needs of the Chapman community.

  • UPB coordinates social events to connect students to one another and the greater Chapman community.
  • UPB coordinates events to help students decompress and destress from the pressures of the college experience.

Joining University Program Board as a committee member is a great opportunity to be involved in planning a variety of different student events.