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Argyros Forum Student Union

» Welcome to the Argyros Forum Student Union!

At nearly 20,000 sq. ft, the Argyros Forum Student Union is the living room of campus. The facility is located on the first floor of Argyros Forum at the center of the University’s beautiful campus. The union strives to:

  • Foster a level of comfort and community.
  • Make up-to-date technological services easily accessible to the Chapman community.
  • Create various opportunities for entertainment and other programming.
  • Provide large programming areas for student events.
  • Offer a variety of dining venues, including special eating services.
  • Supply information and knowledge for those within and outside the university.

Our Mission

The Argyros Forum Student Union is a unifying force that fosters spirit, pride and inclusion within the Chapman community. Offering a variety of entertainment, services and facilities, the Student Union provides cultural, educational, social and recreational programs in support of the mission of Chapman University.

Students can connect with the Student Union anytime by emailing or following Life@CU on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Union Dining

The Student Union provides students with a variety of options for food, drinks and on-the-go snacks!

Special Notice: The Student Union retail dining options are closed until further notice. 

Union Entertainment

The Student Union offers a diverse array of events and gatherings throughout the year including Sports in the Union, Special Events & Film Screenings, and various collaborations with student organizations. 

Union Gallery

The Argyros Forum Student Union Gallery provides a space to celebrate Chapman student life and encourage critical thought. We invite you to view our three exhibit spaces, located in two of the main hallways of the Student Union. The exhibits change on a month-to-month basis.

Union Services

The Student Union provides services to help increase productivity and enhance the overall student experience outside of the classroom.

Student Union Hours

Special Notice: The Student Union is closed until further notice.

Request a Space

The Student Union offers a built-in stage, AF 119A and 119B multipurpose rooms, and the cozy Great Room for student programs.

Student organizations can request space online using 25Live. Alternatively, contact the Event Scheduling Office at (714) 744-7061 for more details.