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Electronic Billing "eBill": Chapman University uses an electronic billing system via the ePay site that allows students and anyone they have authorized to access their student account and eBill statements online.  Chapman University does not send paper statements.

eBill Notification: Each month, an eBill will be generated for all students who have activity on their student account. Activity on an account could be payments made, refunds issued, new charges, financial aid posting, etc. Students and Panther Partner Authorized Users will be emailed a notification informing them that a new billing statement is available to view via the ePay site.

eBill Statements: eBill statements provide a monthly summary of tuition and fees each semester and show the impact of any anticipated financial aid.

Students and Panther Partner Authorized Users can access the student account at any time of day.

The ePay site will provide you with complete information pertaining to your student account such as:

Payment Options

Each term, you have the option to either pay in full or enroll in a payment plan.

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