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P.E.E.R. (Proactive Education Encouraging Responsibility) is focused on creating awareness and providing education regarding mental, social, and physical health and safety issues for students.  The Chapman CARES student group brings attention to interpersonal violence with the goal of preventing incidents  and also addresses the problematic use of alcohol and other substances.  CARES hosts several events to provide students with information and opportunities to get involved. Contact Dr. Dani Smith, Director of the Department of PEER and Health Education and the CARES Coordinator, for more information.  

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CARES Clothesline Project

Chapman University's Clothesline will be displayed on Wednesday, October 25th. This outdoor exhibit displays t-shirts designed by campus survivors of interpersonal violence, with the goal of breaking the silence surrounding this hidden epidemic. The Chapman University CARES Clothesline Project began in 1995 and is a visual depiction of the prevalence of interpersonal violence in our society. Sexual Violence is a "hidden epidemic" with more and more individuals hurt. WE MUST TALK ABOUT THIS, working together to find our voices. All are invited to contribute to Chapman University’s Clothesline Project. Shirts and design materials are provided without cost to participants. Support is available from advocates at our tables and also in Fish Interfaith Center.

CARES Sexual Assault Formal Presentation

This program is presented by CARES members and Dr. Dani Smith. The program is interactive and presents active bystander intervention skills, information and resources with the goal of empowering students and preventing sexual violence on our campus. It emphasizes that sexual violence is NEVER the survivor's fault, while at the same time "Calling for an End" to such violent behavior. Reporting options and supportive measures are discussed. Contact Dr. Dani Smith to schedule a one hour program.

The one-hour version of the documentary "The Hunting Ground" is shown several times throughout the academic year.

"The Hunting Ground" is a documentary that examines the incidents of sexual violence on college campuses and how many universities are mishandling these incidents. The documentary brings to the forefront the fact that campus sexual violence is a pervasive problem across the nation. CARES hosts showings throughout the academic year to educate and raise awareness. For more information or to schedule a one-hour showing for a group, class, club - Contact Dr. Dani Smith.

Take Back The Night Event

Chapman University's Take Back the Night is a restorative justice NIGHT FOR SURVIVORS and has been taking place since the the 90s. Currently, this four-part evening, held in our Fish Interfaith Center, provide students and the community with the opportunity to "Take Back the Night." The event consists of a reading of sexual assault accounts submitted by Chapman survivors, an open microphone for survivors, a candlelight march, and a reception following the event. All are welcome to attend this very powerful event held in March and HOSTED by CARES. Contact Dr. Dani Smith for more information.

What Were You Wearing Exhibit?

This Argyros Forum Exhibit takes place in April and consists of outfits worn by survivors along with a brief narrative from each individual. There is NEVER an excuse for sexual violence and this exhibit aims to STOP harmful victim/survivor blaming. If you are interested in contributing your garments and/or story, contact Dr. Dani Smith.

Denim Day

The campaign originated as a result of a ruling handed down by the Italian Court of Appeals where a rape conviction was overturned. Join us in solidarity and speak out against survivor-shaming by wearing denim for the day. Denim Day is a National Event and will be held on April 24th, 2024. Contact Dr. Dani Smith for more information.

Red My Lips - Stop Victim Blaming

Wearing red lipstick in April is another way to speak out against the damaging myths and victim-blaming attitudes providing an opportunity to stand in solidarity with survivors. Come to the CARES tables and grab a red lipstick button, sticker or put on red lipstick. Red My Lips will be observed April 24th, 2024 at Chapman the same day as Denim Day-2024.

Mental and Physical Health Presentations and Sexual Violence Prevention Programs

Is your club, organization, class in need of a Mental or Physical Health Education presentation? If so, take a look at the many programs available including a Title IX Sexual Violence presentation. Contact Dr. Dani Smith, Director of PEER and Health Education. CARES also has a Sexual Violence awareness and prevention program. Resources and reporting options are also briefly presented.

CARES Walk Against Violence - Chapman University

During this event, many students, staff, and faculty members walk from the Attallah Piazza to Old Town Orange and back as a way of speaking out against interpersonal, dating and domestic violence, as well as all other violent acts targeting vulnerable populations. Community members take a public stand against the violence that occurs every day. We invite all to come and walk (wearing high heels, flats, or whatever shoe they choose to wear).

CARES Active Bystander Intervention (ABI) Award

Do you know a student who actively makes a difference making our parties, gatherings and campus safer spaces for others? These individuals take action to make sure peers are safe - making sure they get home, speaking out when someone is inappropriate and changing our "Rape Supportive Culture" with their behaviors. If so, consider nominating them for an Active Bystander Intervention (ABI) award.

SAVS (Waymakers) Support Drive

Survivors of Sexual Assault who undergo a forensic examination are often at the hospital for hours. Waymakers, Orange County's sexual assault unit, sends an advocate to support survivors through the process. Five dollar food vouchers are one way to help survivors during the process. Survivors may not have eaten for hours. Food vouchers are one way to support survivors.

American Red Cross Blood Drives

The Department of PEER and Health Education has been coordinating and hosting campus American Red Cross Blood Drives since the '90s. There are four (4) drives scheduled for the 2023-2024 academic year. The first drive is taking place on September 14, 2023. Contact Dr. Dani Smith for more information or make an appointment online at redcrossblood.org using code CU.