» Student Responsibilities for Disability Accommodations

In addition to requesting accommodation services and providing the verifying documentation, students are responsible for the following:

  1. To contact Disability Services if he/she has a disability and desires accommodations.
  2. To email each of his/her professors a letter of accommodations provided by Disability Services after they have registered with our office and accommodations have been established (Excluding Fowler School of Law).
  3. To book a testing room in the Testing Center at least 1 week before his/her exam (at least 3-4 weeks before final exams) if they have testing related accommodation(s). If you do not schedule your time in advance we cannot guarantee a testing place for you (Orange Campus Only).
  4. If he/she needs books in a PDF format to listen to them on his/her computer, allow 1 to 2 weeks for processing at the beginning of the semester.

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Other Helpful Tips

  • Attend all classes. Be sure to attend the first class period since general information on the course requirements, exam dates and other class policies are discussed. Generally the syllabus is distributed and required textbooks indicated. (Unless you check with the instructor prior to the start of the class, you may not want to buy textbooks before the first day of class. If you decide to buy textbooks before the first day of class, do not write in the books. Keep the bookstore receipts). Buy your books and get started reading as soon as possible.
  • If you miss class, contact the instructor to explain your absence and learn if there are any special assignments. If possible, let the instructor know you will be absent a day or so in advance. The course syllabus will often include instructions for contacting your instructor in such situations.
  • Follow the instructions provided in the professor’s syllabus. If you have an emergency need for an absence, or other questions arise specific to any class, follow the instructions provided in each class syllabus.
  • Plan your week for study time and homework preparation. Start by scheduling three hours of homework for each hour you will be in class (figure one hour for each credit unit). After you have a semester’s experience you will learn whether you need that much or possibly more study time and/or homework preparation.
  • Don’t wait too late to seek out tutoring. If you know you will struggle in a course get tutoring early so you can keep up. Do not wait until you are too far behind. Pay attention to your grades as the semester goes along.
  • Disability Services formally focuses on providing and facilitating disability accommodations. We can also serve as a contact to direct you to the appropriate department when you have other concerns. The most important thing is to ask for help in the beginning.
  • For further strategies, visit the Tutoring, Learning, & Testing Center.