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Advice for Roommates

» Advice for Roommates

The following areas are key to how we pair roommates. They are also important items to discuss with your new roommate to set expectations for a year of living together.

Smoking, Alcohol and Drug Use

The Student Conduct Code prohibits you and your guests from smoking, storing/consuming alcohol (unless you are 21+) or possessing, manufacturing, distributing, using or selling drugs in the residence halls and apartments. Nonetheless, roommates should discuss these issues and establish rules that ensure all are comfortable in the room.

Night Owls and Early Birds

The times that roommates retire for the night and wake in the morning can be a source of tension and difficulty. Roommates should discuss schedules and sleeping habits so that everyone is reasonably accommodated.


In addition to the guidelines provided by the Student Conduct Code, you and your roommate(s) should discuss acceptable frequency and duration of visits.

Study Habits

Talk about when and where you like to study, acceptable noise levels and other considerations for establishing your studying environment. Residence halls should be a place where all students feel comfortable studying.

Bathroom Schedule

Do you prefer showering in the morning, evening or late at night? Do you use devices that make excessive noise, such as razors or hair dryers? These issues should be discussed and a routine established that accommodates all roommates.


Do you need a clean room before you feel you can be productive? Or, do you wait until mid-semester inspections to get motivated to clean? Cleaning habits have a tremendous effect on how comfortable you’ll feel in your room.

Common Property

Can your roommate listen to your music, watch your TV or use your computer? Can you borrow their clothes without permission? You and your roommate(s) might not have the same guidelines regarding shared property, so it is important to discuss and establish them early on.


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