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Degrees are awarded three times a year: at the end of January, May, and August. You must have a degree conferral application on file for the term in which you intend to complete your degree requirements. The name you enter on the application is what will appear on your diploma. Pending verification that you have no holds on your account, diplomas are typically mailed within 6-10 weeks from the date your degree is awarded.  Along with the diploma, you will receive a complimentary copy of your transcripts. If you have any holds on your account, please contact the office that placed the hold.

If your address changes from the one you entered on your conferral application, please update it by emailing conferral@chapman.edu. Students have up to six months to report a lost or damaged diploma without having to pay the duplicate diploma fee.

Ordering a Notarized Diploma

Students needing their diplomas notarized must submit the Notary Request Form to regforms@chapman.edu to set up an appointment for the notarization. Notarization is commonly required for employment or higher education in different countries. 

Copies of diplomas cannot be notarized. If you need to request a duplicate diploma, please fill out the Duplicate Diploma Form in addition to the Notary Request Form. 

For additional information regarding the notary process, please see the FAQ below.

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