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Creating a Rape-free Environment for Students

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This website is designed to provide all members of the Chapman Community with important information about support, and resources for Chapman students who have been or may be impacted by sexual misconduct.

Sexual misconduct and sex based gender discrimination can take many forms, including sexual harassment, rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, domestic or dating violence, interpersonal violence (IPV), stalking, or other forms of sex based or gender harassment.
College students who experience sexual violence must deal with making important decisions such as whether to seek medical treatment, make a police report, notify campus officials, contact parents or family, or obtain help from campus resources. Most individuals who experience sexual violence or assault also have concerns about their personal privacy and safety. If you would want support and information regarding what your options you have in a privileged and confidential setting, you can contact Chapman’s Rape/Sexual Assault Crisis Counselor, Dr. Dani Smith, Student Psychological Counseling Services, or Fish Interfaith Center.

Dr. Dani Smith is Chapman University's C.A.R.E.S. Coordinator and Rape Crisis Counselor on campus. If you want to know what options you have regarding on and off campus reporting and/or need support, Dr. Dani Smith is a privileged and confidential advocate for you. Her office is located in Argyros Forum 303B. She can also be reached at (714)744-7080 or dasmith@chapman.edu.

Did you know?

  • We can assist students with housing and academic accommodations as well as provide safety measures after an assault
  • On and off campus resources are available
  • Victim/Survivors are encouraged to self-report sexual violence to Police and to University Administration.
  • Off-campus confidential resources are available 24/7 at CSP Rape Crisis Hotline (714) 957-2737
If you have any questions regarding this website, feel free to contact DeAnn Yocum Gaffney, Ed. D., Associate Vice Chancellor & Associate Dean of Students, at (714)997-6721 or gaffney@chapman.edu; she is also one of Chapman's Title IX Coordinators.

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If You Have Been Sexually Assaulted...

Make sure you are in a safe place. Call Chapman University’s Sexual Assault Information Line:

(714) 744-7000

Other Contacts

General Information:
Sexual Assault and C.A.R.E.S. Coordinators (Creating A Rape-free Environment for Students)
(714) 744-7080

Medical Options:

Chapman University Student Health
(714) 997-6851

St. Joseph Hospital
(714) 633-9111

Emotional Support:
CU Student Psychological Counseling
(714) 997-6778

CSP Sexual Assault Hot Line (24 Hours)
(714) 957-2737

Chapman University Public Safety
(714) 997-6763

Dean of Students
(714) 997-6721

Office of Student Conduct
(714) 532-6039

Off Campus:

Orange Police Department
(714) 744-7444