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P.E.E.R. - Alcohol and Other Drugs

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Education and Support

 Dr. Dani Smith

Dr. Smith is available to discuss concerns related to alcohol and drug use in a privileged, confidential, and safe setting. Dr. Smith will meet with you one on one to discuss options, provide education, resources and will work with you to develop an action plan to move forward.  Her office is located in the Argyros Forum - 303F.  

Emergencies (Overdose):  Contact 911 or Public Safety.

Students are advised to download the Panther Guardian App - Panther Guardian APP


Additional resources and a list of local AA meetings can be accessed below. 


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Binge drinking is a very serious problem on college campuses. Find out if your drinking habits are dangerous to your health and safety.

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Is my Drug Use Risky?

We do not condone illegal drug use.  We provide information to help students who are at risk.

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