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What is Sorority Recruitment?

Sorority recruitment is an exciting learning experience! There are many opportunities that sorority life can offer related to leadership, professional development, philanthropy, service, and friendship. It is a time to learn about each sorority as they present their values, events, membership requirements, and everything else they have to offer Chapman students.

As you visit each chapter, you will meet the sorority members and discover how each individual member contributes to the larger sorority and how the sorority contributes to campus life and community. Formal recruitment consists of four rounds of events where potential new members and sorority women participate in a mutual selection process for potential membership in one of Chapman University’s eight great National Panhellenic Conference sororities.

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During the Fall 2020 term, you will have multiple opportunities to attend virtual information session about the Panhellenic sororities and learn more about the Panhellenic recruitment process held in January.

Recruitment Events

Fall 2020 Informal Recruitment

If you are a returning Chapman University student or a transfer student who has completed a minimum of 12 college credits you are eligible to participate in Fall 2020 informal recruitment or COB. Not all of the sororities participate in these recruitment events. If you are interested in learning more about this process and which sororities will be eligible in the Fall, please reach out to cupanhellenic.recruitmentinfo@gmail.com

January 2021

The Panhellenic Council at Chapman University hosts a deferred formal recruitment model. This year the Panhellenic Council is preparing for a range of scenarios (structured virtual, hybrid, or in-person experience prioritizing student safety). The Spring 2021 formal recruitment process traditionally takes place the week before Spring semester classes start. This is when first-year students are eligible to participate. Sorority Recruitment 2021 registration will be open in October.

Sorority Recruitment Questions? 

Contact our Panhellenic Recruitment Team at cupanhellenic.recruitmentinfo@gmail.com.