» Helpful Skill Building Presentations

The Department of PEER and Health Education offers several skillbuilding programs. Dr. Smith is available to meet with students one on one and/or to present a program for a group, class, club or organization. These programs can be brief (20 minutes) or longer with skill building information for participants. The programs, when appropriate, are engaging and entertaining. Below is a list of some of the offerings.  

  • Anxiety Reduction - Proven Skills
  • Sexual Health / STDs /STIs 
  • Gratitude - What to Do and What the Research Says
  • Conflict Management for Relationships
  • Anger Management Tips and Skills
  • Controlling My Emotions / Using them Effectively
  • Stress Management Skills
  • Exercise / Relaxation / Time Management
  • Conflict Resolution Tips for Couples
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse Information and Resources
  • Positive Self Esteem / Feeling Better About Myself
  • How to Help / My Partner is a Sexual Assault Survivor
  • Leadership Tips
  • Healthy Body / Love MY Body
  • Elephants, Enzymes and Baboons.  A ver different relationship violence program).
  • Active Bystander Intervention Skills.
  • And, many more. 

If you would to meet individually or schedule a presentation for your club or organization, contact Dr. Dani Smith

Knowledge IS Power

Did You Know?

Skill Building Techniques have been proven to help with depression, anxiety and anger.