» Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Resources

All University employees (faculty, staff, administrators, and student employees) are required to report any gender- or sex-based discrimination or harassment (this is inclusive of all alleged incidents of sexual violence) to a Title IX Coordinator except for those individuals who are designated as privileged and confidential resources. The privileged and confidential resources at Chapman University are as follows:

On-campus privileged and confidential resources

These are people you can speak with on campus who have a professional requirement to maintain the confidentiality* of your conversation. They are good resources if you need someone to talk to, but do not want to provide information in a formal or reportable way.

  • Student Psychological Counseling Services
    • During business hours: (714) 997-6778
  • Dani Smith, Ed.D., Chapman University Sexual Assault/Rape Crisis Counselor
  • Chapman Sexual Assault Information Line
    • (714) 744-7000
  • Reverend Gail Stearns, Ph.D., Dean of Chapel
    • (714) 628-7289
  • Reverend Nancy Brink, Director of Church Relations
    • (714) 997-6760
  • Frances Smith Center for Individual & Family Therapy
    • (714) 997-6746

*While the individuals listed above have professionally required confidentiality, there are certain, specific situations in which they are not able to maintain information confidentially. Those situations are: (1) if you may be a danger to yourself or others, (2) you have knowledge about any minor or elder currently being subjected to abuse or neglect – including intentional access to unlawful sexual images, or (3) if the information is subpoenaed for court proceedings.

Note on Interim and Supportive Measures

The Title IX Coordinator and on-campus privileged and confidential resources can help you connect with opportunities for interim and supportive measures, as applicable. Interim and supportive measures are available for complainants, respondents and witnesses outside of an investigation, pending the outcome of any investigation or hearing, or following an investigation or student conduct hearing. Supportive measures for complainants are available regardless of whether the complainant chooses to report the crime to law enforcement. Supportive measures shall be confidential, to the extent that maintaining confidentiality does not impair the University’s ability to provide such measures. To learn more about interim and supportive measures for student(s)-to-student(s) matters and matters involving student respondents, please click here. Interim and supportive measures for cases involving faculty, employees, or third-party vendors may differ; to learn more about interim and supportive measures for faculty and staff, please contact Human Resources.

Additional off-campus informational resources

These off-campus resources provide trained crisis response hotlines, support for individuals who have experienced sexual or domestic violence and advocacy services.

Community Services Programs 24-hr. crisis hotline

  • (714) 957-2737
  • North Orange County Office: (714) 834-4317

Sexual Assault National Crisis Hotline: RAINN

  • (800) 656-4673

Anaheim Regional Medical Center: The Safe Place - where forensic exams (rape kits) are done in Orange County

  • To contact Anaheim Regional, call the 24-hour CSP hotline at (714) 957-2737.

Rape Treatment Center – Santa Monica, UCLA Medical Center

  • (310) 319-4000

Peace Over Violence 24-hr. hotlines

  • (310) 392-8381
  • (213) 626-3393
  • (626) 793-3385

Orange County Family Justice Center

  • (714) 765-1645

Laura’s House: Ending the Silence of Domestic Violence

  • (866) 498-1511

Los Angeles LGBT Center resources on Mental Health and Intimate Partner & Domestic Violence

Information about local legal aid may be found at:

Chapman University’s Fowler Law School: Bette and Wylie Aitken Family Protection Clinic

Legal Aid Society of Orange County & Community Legal Services of Southeast Los Angeles County

  • (800) 834-5001

Orange County Bar Association

  • (949) 440-6700

Title IX Resources

The following are national resources for additional information regarding Title IX, particularly on college and university campuses across the country.

Not Alone: Together Against Sexual Assault

U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights

*Please note – the above listed off-campus resources are provided solely as a courtesy. The University does not maintain, endorse, or accept responsibility for these programs.