» Before the First Test

Get an outline of the course.  See what is required of you.  Determine course objectives.  Find out what information will be covered in the test.  Is the information from the textbook, lectures, handouts, etc?  Note the amount of time spend by the instructor on each topic.  Find out the following:

  1. How does the instructor test?  Objective, essay, multiple choice, or in another way?
  2. What topics will the instructor cover in the exam?  Main ideas?  Details?
  3. What does this instructor emphasize?  How many questions on each topic?


Predict questions the instructor may ask.  Write them down and answer them.


REMEMBER: Doubt about what you will be tested on means disaster at test time!


Ask yourself after each study hour: “what have I done this hour that will make me do better on the test?”