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Graduate Financial Aid

» How To Apply for and Receive Aid

To Apply:

Step One: Apply for admission to the program of your choice. 

Step Two: Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Chapman University’s FAFSA school code is 001164. Graduate students are considered "independent" students and thus do not need to include parental information on the FAFSA.

Step Three: Respond to any requests for additional documents (tax returns, proof of citizenship, etc). These may be listed on your Student Center in the “Tasks" section. Aid offers will not be put together until these items are completed.

Step Four: The aid offer letter is emailed to your Panther Mail email address. The letter details costs, available aid, and provides information on next steps.

To Receive:

Step One: Accept your aid on your Student Center. Navigate to the Financial Aid tile and click on Accept/Decline on the left. Click the edit icon, and choose accept for loans you wish to borrow, decline for those you don't. To reduce the amount you accept check the reduce box and enter the amount you want to accept. Confirm your decision and submit.

Step Two: Complete your Master Promissory Notes (Loan Agreements) and Entrance Counseling.

Step Three: If your aid is less than what is needed to cover your university bill, visit the Student Business Service website for information about payment deadlines and payment plans. If your aid is more than what is needed to cover your university bill, review the Student Business Services information about refunds.

Step Four: Check your Student Center regularly to view anticipated disbursement dates, changes to your student account, and to monitor your aid as it disburses. Aid disburses as early as 10 days before the start of each term. It can take a few days for aid to disburse to your student account and for refunds to be released, so plan accordingly.

Step Five: Once aid has disbursed review your student account and any refunds received.