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Get the scoop on all of the UPB committees! We seek to be inclusive, diverse, and fun in all of our programs! Check us out whenever we are on campus so that you can get a first handed view of what each department is like and how you can be a part of it.

+ - Awareness

Chapman has a variety of students with various ethnicities, cultures, politics, and beliefs, so why not showcase it? In an effort to bring knowledge to students, Awareness plans and executes different fun and exciting programs such as Diwali, Holi, and Latinx Heritage Month.

This committee also coordinates various speakers that visit Chapman's campus to talk about their personal experiences. These have included actress Jodie Sweetin and comedian Aasif Mandvi. 


UPB Holi event

+ - Explore SoCal

California is a state of many opportunities! Only here can you tan at the beach, off-road at the desert, and ski in the mountains all in the same day. Explore SoCal coordinates off-campus weekend trips including hiking trips, amusement park trips, and seasonal activities.


Salvation Mountain Hike

+ - Campus Entertainment and Leisure

Campus Entertainment & Leisure plans activities such as monthly Free Flicks movie events, succulent adoption parties, and more. These events take place during the week for students who are looking for a little downtime from class!

student doing the peace sign in a zorb ball

+ - Marketing

The Marketing committee is the ultimate "behind-the-scenes" team who delivers information about all of the many UPB events to students. Together we develop strategies that cater to a variety of platforms in order to make sure the word is spread among the Chapman community. This ranges from UPB website content, graphic design, social media, guerilla marketing, advertisements, bulletin boards, tabling, promotional materials, and publications for events. 

two students at a table holding lanyards 




+ - Panther Nights

Panther Nights takes advantage of those weekend nights! This committee is responsible for providing fun weekend entertainment including comedy nights, trivia nights, open mic nights, live concerts, and Chapman's Fall Comedian and Spring Concert.


singer performing at panther nights

+ - Special Events and Traditions

You know all of those big events you love to to attend every year at Chapman? That’s the Special Events and Traditional committee! They oversee events including the Student End Zone, Midnight Breakfast, the Annual Fall Concert, and Spring Sizzle.

three students posing next to a skee ball machine

+ - Internal Development

As the newest committee of UPB, the Internal Development Committee strives to promote harmony and leadership throughout the organization. This committee creates programming, team development, and training opportunities to further progress our committee members in professional environments. We do this by bringing speakers, planning our bi-annual Committee Member Retreat, and our weekly Friday Meetings.

students at the beach

Committee Directors

Meet the UPB Committee Directors and the UPB Chairperson! They are a fun group who is here for you! Visit them in AF 303 to give suggestions, be a part of the action, or just to chat!