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Get the scoop on all of the UPB committees! We seek to be inclusive, diverse, and fun in all of our programs! Check us out whenever we are on campus so that you can get a first handed view of what each department is like and how you can be a part of it.

+ - Awareness

Chapman has a variety of students with various ethnicities, cultures, politics, and beliefs, so why not showcase it? In an effort to bring knowledge to students, Awareness plans and executes different fun and exciting programs such as Diwali, Holi, and Latin Heritage Month.

This committee also coordinates various speakers that visit Chapman's campus to talk about personal experiences. These have included actress Lea DeLaria and LGBT war veteran activist Lt. Dan Choi. 


Lea DeLaria at the Fall speaker event

+ - Explore SoCal

California is a state of many opportunities! Only here can one tan at the beach, off-road at the desert, and ski in the mountains all in the same day. Explore SoCal coordinates off-campus weekend trips including hiking trips, Getty Museum trips, Disneyland trips and festive pumpkin patch trips. 


Salvation Mountain Hike

+ - Campus Leisure & Entertainment

As our newest committee of UPB, Campus Entertainment & Leisure plans activities such as crafting in the Union, movie nights, and bubble ball soccer. These events take place during the week for students to have a little downtime from school!

Student with arts and craft creation

+ - Marketing

Students have to hear about the UPB events in order to participate in them right? The Marketing committee coordinates the quality marketing and public relations strategy for UPB. This includes website, graphic design, social media, guerrilla marketing, advertisements, bulletin boards, promotional materials, and publications for events. 


Committee members marketing in the Piazza



+ - Panther Nights

Panther Nights takes advantage of those weekend nights! Panther Nights is responsible for providing fun on-campus weekend alternatives like movie nights, open mic nights, Mardi Gras, and Chapman's Annual Drag Show.


Students being hypnotized during hypnotist event

+ - Special Events and Traditions

You know all of those big events you love to be at every year at Chapman? The Special Events and Traditions director and committee are responsible for coordinating programs that are traditional to Chapman. This includes events such as Homecoming, Midnight Breakfast, the annual Concert, and Spring Sizzle.


Floor 13 performing at Midnight Breakfast

Committee Directors

Meet the UPB Committee Directors and the UPB Chairperson! They are a fun group who is here for you! Visit them in AF 303 to give suggestions, be a part of the action, or just to chat!